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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pillow Talk in Toronto - Hollace Cluny

 Lamps by glass artist Tracy Glover available through Hollace Cluny

 Coco chair by Sarah Richardson and my blue bird & in bloom purple pillows available through Hollace Cluny

 Hollace Cluny, Toronto

Alanna Cavanagh's murals at Hollace Cluny

Very proud to share with you that my pillow collection is now available at chique boutique Hollace Cluny in Toronto thanks to owner Susan Fowlie who believes that my designs are a welcome addition to her stylish collection. Her store is a feast for the eye. Susan is known for creating a signature style, mixing established international brands such as Knoll with boutique brands and unique pieces from local artisans and artists. I would love to put the complete content of the store in a big container and ship it to Amsterdam. But if I could just pick a few I would definitely go for a pair of stunning handmade lamps by glass artist Tracy Glover and the elegant Coco Chair by Sarah Richardson which I find perfect to team up with my pillow designs.
What I love about Susan is that she doesn't "go" for just the usual suspects in (interior) design. She creates possibilities for new talent like gifted illustrator and printmaker Alanna Cavanagh for example who made wonderful murals for the shop.
A big thank you Susan for having my collection and looking forward to meeting you again in July!


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