Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Press - Stijlvol Wonen ("Stylish Living")

I know you have all been expecting another post on Paris today and I promise REALLY  that it will come in the next few days. But today I just want to share my excitement as the new edition of Dutch/Belgian magazine "Stijlvol Wonen" hit the news stands with a 7 pages peak into my homes/studio/office. I feel honoured that Editor in Chief Tim Torfs was so kind to also mention me in the editor's letter! Pictures were taken by gifted photographer Dorien Ceulemans and I was interviewed by bubbly Wilma Tjalsma. A big grateful thank you to all three and EPNinternational Publishers (part of the Sanoma group). And if my Blogger Sisters want to blog on please do!
I am off now to celebrate Queen's night and day (our outrageous national holiday) on which I will also be reporting on my blog. Long live the queen (and me just a little bit as well today)!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hermès versus YSL

Choices, choices. A stay in Paris is never long enough and one has to be flexible with plans. The weather was beautiful which meant that we spend a lot of time just sitting outdoors, little bars and brasseries, taking in all that passed us by. My brain felt like the Satorialist. One of the choices that had to be made was visiting the Hermès exhibition at the Institut du Monde Arabe or the Yves Saint Laurant Exhibition at the Petit Palais. I am a fan of both so we flipped a coin.
The Hermes Exhibition honours brilliant Leïla Menchari, who has been for many years the inspiration behind the outrageously beautiful window displays of the Hermès store at 24 Rue Faubourg Saint Honoré. I was not allowed to take photo's inside but the bill board and orange entrance way were photogenic enough already! Sorry Yves I missed you but I have your wedges to wear. What would you have chosen if you would have been in my wedges :) Yves ou Hermès!

More about Paris tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To unpack or not to unpack - ode to Starfish & Sundresses

Returned from Paris today. My suitcase has been staring at me for quite a while now. Unpacking is my least favourite part of travelling. To make my unpacking a bit more pleasant I decided to bring an ode to blogger friend Lindsay of Starfish & Sundresses. Lindsay dreams of having her own boutique in the future which I am convinced will be a succesful venture considering her sas and style! She gave me great packing advice for Paris so be sure to check out her blog. My ode to Lindsay may seem a bit odd as I will share some of my "dirty laundry" with you but I am sure Lindsay (and you who know her blog) will recognize her influence!

In the "dirty laundry picture just a selection:
- H&M pale pink silk top
- Vintage necklace with green beads
- Dutch jeans - G-star
- YSL wedges (second hand :))
- Kate Spade bag
- Zara blue & white silk blouse
- Zara multicoloured scarf
- Hermes necklace
- My favourite silver Bikkembergs' sneakers (essential when you are biking in Paris)
- American Vintage bottle green T shirt
- Mina Perhonen embroidered silk green top ( a beautiful Japanese (yes Japanese !!) brand that I recently discovered)
- Monoprix blue & white stripey T shirt
On the wish list:  Goyard suitcases!

Over the next few days I will share some of my Paris adventures with you and thank you Lindsay for your stylish advice!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Je suis partie a Paris!

Picasso on Louvre's scaffolding (1998)

My son in front of museum Centre Pompidou (2006)

My kids playing at Place des Vosges (THE recommended antidote for Disneyland Paris) (2006)

 My friend Don having his espresso at Cafe Hugo, Places des Vosges (2006)

With friend Lise at Cafe Hugo (2008)

Packing my strappy pink Lanvins...(2010)


Taking the TGV to Paris today. It is spring, I feel like a little dog wildly wagging my tail, because I know I am going to play outside! Staying with lovely friends Lise and Thierry. The schedule is filling rapidly. On my list of must-do's is to visit the first time retrospective of Yves Saint Laurent at the Petit Palais. I remember as  teenager the first ever perfume which I got from my parents was YSL's Rive Gauche. The other must do is Didier Ludot's vintage (couture) boutique in the arcades of the Palais Royal. Other ports of call are Cafe Hugo at Place des Vosges, Hotel Costes for lunch, Bon Marche, Colette...... I could carry on forever. So it might be a bit quiet on my blog over the next few days but bear with me as I will have plenty to show and tell when I am back. In the meantime just a few pictures taken over the years.... a tout a l'heure!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Art of the Mix - Press on!

My exhibition The Art of the Mix at Eveline Interieur (Bloemendaal, The Netherlands) has received some very nice press that I did not share with you yet. Unfortunately the articles are from Dutch magazines Home & Living and Meubel so not all my blogging friends can read it. The exhibition will be on until May 10. All paintings can be viewed on my website. Which one is your favourite?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Artist Studio - Lisette de Zoete - Amsterdam

Lisette de Zoete's  design for the Dutch Film Museum to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the death of Austrian born German actress and style icon Romy Schneider

What a crazy, aaargh fun (not complaining), diverse week this has been so far, including a photoshoot for Sabine Leenhout's book "Plan B". Talented photographer - illustrator Lisette de Zoete is responsible for the illustrations of Sabine's book, including 20 portraits of the interviewies. I love meeting other artists like Lisette, to exchange ideas and experiences, inspire each other.
Lisette has a deep fascination for handwriting. In her work she often combines handwriting with visuals, whether existing or in the form of her own photographs. Her work is full of emotion, it gets under your skin.
Only when the book is published later this year I can reveal her illustrations and portraits for the book in my blog, but what I can share with you now is an intimate peak into her studio. Just a little taste of what Lisette is all about. Photographs all by and courtesy of Lisette de Zoete. I absolutely recommend to visit her website to see more of her work. And thank you Lisette for letting me share your world!

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Privileged Life

With writer-journalist Sabine Leenhouts

In my previous life most people I met in connection with work were lawyers, consultants and bankers. Not that I did not enjoy my corporate life but there was a definite mismatch between my head and my heart. My life now is much more in tune with my heart. I feel privileged getting up in the morning, being my own boss doing what I love most. I still meet the corporate gang but as friends and some have become lovely clients!
Another privilege in my new 'capacity' is meeting wonderful creative people with utter and complete passion for their work. Sparkling writer and journalist Sabine Leenhouts is such a person. She has a wealth of experience writing for women and lifestyle magazines and is now in the process of writing her first book called"Plan B" to be published by Bruna. The book is a compilation of 20 interviews of people that completely turned around their lives in pursuit of their passion. Last week she interviewed me for her book. It was an in-depth interview and I enjoyed every minute of it.  After she left I felt upbeat and inspired, she really understood where I was coming from.
So as you can understand I feel oh so privileged to be in Sabine's book!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Talented Mr Wiltshire



Usually when I am watching TV  I am easily distracted and divert to other things. But Friday evening my attention was caught by an interview on Dutch television where TV host Ivo Niehe talked to artist Stephen Wiltshire (36). As a child Stephen was mute and diagnosed as authistic. He communicated through drawing and learned to talk at a later age. His work is simply amazing. He draws and paints very detailed city scapes. He is nick-named "The Human Camera".  Besides some images of his work I have included a video, but there is so much more on his own website. I really recommend you to watch his creative process. It is mind blowing and inspiring. Stephen has a gallery in London which will be on my to do list next time I go there!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Art of Framing

 Orange Blossom Screenprint (limited edition of 50) - click here for the webstore

   Blossom in Lavender Screenprint (limited edition of 50) - click here for the webstore

   Mr Smith's Blossom Screenprint (limited edition of 50) - click here for the webstore

Clients who purchase my limited edition silk screenprints or giclees often ask my advice how to frame it. Framing is very personal. When you go to a gallery the framing is often done on the "safe side" because the gallerist is afraid that unsusal framing will scare off potential clients. For me bold framing is the real deal. I am not afraid of elaborate frames and coloured passe-partouts and I strongly believe that it adds character to my prints.
Here are some examples of how to make a print look stunning (to my opinion that is..).  All prints are available in my webstore  and if budget or space on the wall doesn't allow it I also have clients who frame my cards!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Treat of the Day - Vintage Yellow & White

I am sure you know that feeling. The need to get out of your house/studio/office because you have been working hard for days. The irresistible desire to treat yourself. There are many treats that make us girls happy. One of my favourites is hunting for a decorative object for my house. On a day like this I am so tuned in to my desires that I just find my little jewels: a large white ceramic vase, a lime ceramic fruit bowl and a copy of Charles Dickens' David Copperfield published by Collins. All from vintage stores around town. Curious what your favourite treats are!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Finally! It took me almost a day yesterday organizing my new products in my webstore. I am still a one woman band (but a proud one), managing all the aspects of my mini mouse empire.  My series of greeting cards made in the UK and published by Soul UK can now be bought online. Soul UK is a lovely boutique publisher. I met the director of Soul, David Hicks (YES decor lovers that is really his name), about a year ago. I was looking for a publisher that could take my work into countries beyond The Netherlands. He loved my work and picked 20 images that have been made into a series double greeting cards which they now distribute worldwide. It is great when you encounter people that believe in what you are doing. It is one thing chasing your dreams but a whole other ball game turning your dreams into reality. Thank you Soul and thank you David!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bag Lady

Today I am busy with updating my webshop with more products. It is giving me a real headache, but hopefully you can see the new products life tomorrow. So there is only time for a quick post today.
When I visited my parents over Easter my mum gave me this adorable vintage cocktail bag. Just can't wait for the first occasion to use it so I have placed it in my bookcase to already enjoy it!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Singapour Mon Amour

They say that Asia gets under your skin and remains in your bloodstream. I was lucky to live in beautiful Singapore for 3,5 years. A regional job with a Dutch bank took me all over the place. Tokyo, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Mumbai...Asia is such a relentless source of inspiration. After every trip I came back to the beautiful colonial house in this photo (with my daughter (age 4 at the time) walking on the lawn). I had my easel on the veranda and after a trip I would paint for hours releasing the many impressions. The house (called a "Black & White") was build by the British in the '30s for their high ranking army staff. I love going back. Looking at this picture I get a bit homesick. It is the place where my creative journey started. Singapour mon amour toujour!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pretty Spring Pictures

Sitting room of fashion designer Nanette Lepore decorated my Jonathan Adler (ELLE Decor)

Va va voom glamour: apartment of Julie and Luke Janklow (Vogue ? 2007)

Hopped on my bicycle this morning to run some errands. Amsterdam is really at its best when the sun is shining. Everyone sitting outside enjoying a latte or something stronger. The canals are already filling with small boats. Came back home really inspired and ended up trying to order my boxes filled with magazine tear outs. Problem is that I do not always remember the origin of the tear out so I do apologize if I have it wrong sometimes. Here are three pages that I associate with spring!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Fabric of Life

Just a quick posting today as I have been busy sorting out my new cushion production which I had to bring to the sewing atelier today. The production includes cushions from my current collection and some new models I am sampling. Here some pictures to show my not so organized studio. Thank got it is Friday!


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