Thursday, June 27, 2013

Torn between 'being' Martha Stewart and Juliette Binoche

My little writing nook

Where to start (again) and do I actually want to give my blog a boost again. I certainly know my parents will cheer as they were my biggest fans!
Since I have started my Flagship Store in Amsterdam I have been so overly consumed by it that my blog became one of these mountains I was dreading to climb.
I have no regrets starting the Store. It has given me so much insight, but boy it is an extra full-time job on top of all my activities as an artist, designer, 'empire builder' and mum.
There are days that I feel torn between 'being' Martha Stewart and Juliette Binoche (in her role as Vianne Rocher in Chocolat). Maybe I am a little naive thinking I can handle both sides of the trade: building an international lifestyle brand on the one hand and personally advising customers in my Store. I just want to elevate people's spirits with what I do and create whether it be on large or small scale, whether it be in my public or private life.
Am I overly committed? YES. Am I stubborn? YES that too and much more......and I am trying very, very hard not to apologize for being me.

I have to admit that I do miss the writing and if I jot things down in my diary why can't I just write and share it with you?

"All the things I love is what my business is all about." Martha Stewart


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