Sunday, December 2, 2012

Inspiration: My city Amsterdam (and running)

Amstel Hotel on one of my early morning runs taken with Instagram
City of Lights PC Hooftstraat

Amstel river 
One of my store windows with the Graphic Daisy collection

View from my store on to the Singel canal
Storefront in the evening
I often get the question where I get my inspiration from. The better question is: what does not inspire me! I am a walking (and talking) sponge. Of course travelling, museums, the usual suspects...but I also find inspiration daily just from biking around in my beautiful city, meeting up with friends for a coffee or dinner, people walking in the park, running along the Amstel river....simple daily life reallly...
Before I started my Flagship store in the historic centre I was bouncing all over the planet and I didn;t really know yet where I was heading to. Starting the store has given me a foundation, more structure and focus but it also keeps me more 'in town', but no worries I still do travel enough :).
Here are some snapshots of the last week or so which I hope will inspire you!

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