Monday, February 28, 2011

In to the Neon: Part II

A while ago I shared my new upcoming pillow designs in Neon. At that stage they were still hand painted designs. Today, after a wonderful week in the snowy mountains, I received the new production from the atelier. This is just a quick snap shot. The new range will be available soon through my webstore, printed on 100% linen.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Growing Pains

Why is it that I never choose the easy road. Okay fine I took the decision to chase my artistic dream, but why for god sake didn't I just stick to my brush. Paint, exhibit, sell, paint some more...No that is just too simple when your name is Mariska Meijers. She just loves to complicate her life, she wants to build a business by extending her designs to products. Oeps, products means production, the type she does not have experience in, nor does her law degree fit that bill. Mariska just jumps and jumping can cause major headeaches when your landing techniques are not that flawless. Last week she finally called in the support troops and what a difference it has made already.
Today she is writing her blogpost with a mountain view and is enjoying a ski holiday with her children and friends while business continues with the wonderful talented support of others!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Global Activity!

lampshade and base sample (note: the white stripes 
will not be part of the final design!)

Almost everyday I "go" around the Globe. "Mini Me" needs to face the consequence of growing. I am not complaining, I love what I am doing, but if I could only steal some extra hours here and there wouldn't that be just fabulous.  Currently I have two exhibitions, one in Singapore and one in The Netherlands. There have been some wonderful new additions to store locations selling my products. For example Ada&Darcy is the first shop in Australia to carry a selection of my products. In the US we have added amongst others the Museum of Art shop in Fort Lauterdale, Anchor Cottage in Suttons Bay (Michigan) and Azul Boutique in Coral Gables (Miami).
I am working round the clock in preparation of my first trade fairs such as High Point first week of April. And....I picked up my first lampshade and base samples that I am planning to take to High Point. I found a wonderful lamp shade and base Studio nearby. The husband handcrafts the lamp bases (ceramic) and his wife makes the shades.
Last but not least I would like to thank my blogging sisters Kerry of a Tranquil Townhouse, Louise of Table Tonic, Kerri of Driftwood Interiors and Charlotta of Space of Inspiration (did I forget someone?) for blogging forward the donations of the beautiful table linen by Yvy&Piper and colorful screenprints (by me) the proceeds of which will go fully to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal. If you are interested in supporting this good cause by purchasing any of the items kindly contact
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! x

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

With a little bit of help...Keep Queensland's flood victims in your hearts!

 Mr Smith's Blossom | limited edition screenprint signed and numbered

How quickly do we forget disasters when we are not a victim. The water is gone, but many Queenslanders have lost their homes and businesses. They need to rebuild and donations to the  Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal are still very welcome. Together with Ivy & Piper we have made a donation of screenprints and linens the proceeds of which will go fully to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal. You can also read about this donation in Ivy & Piper's 2011 Love Issue. If you are intersted in buying any of the 5 colorful limited edition screenprints (numbered and signed) or Ivy&Piper's beautifully crafted linen items please mail to You can also help by blogging this forward! Thank you x

 Ivy & Piper's 100% linen beautifully monogrammed

Blossom in Lavender screenprint,
how stunning it looks when framed!

Friday, February 4, 2011

New press: Ivy & Piper's Love Issue 2011!

click here for IVP-TV - interview with stylish Diane Bergeron

I was over the moon when Melanie and Elizabeth contacted me a while ago for an artist feature in their Love Issue 2011. While we were working on it the flooding disaster struck Queensland. 
Since I started blogging I have become more and more connected to Australia because of some dear colleague bloggers. They make me feel that there are no boundaries, no oceans that divide us, no time zones. Sitting here in Amsterdam, watching the devestation on TV made me want to do something so I spontanously donated 5 screenprints and send them over to Ivy&Piper. All proceeds go towards the Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal. If you are interested to purchase one of these limited edition screenprints email to

Going back to the wonderful content of Ivy & Piper's Love Issue 2011 make sure to read it. The issue includes bio's and interviews with design icons like Carleton Varney, Jamie Herzlinger and Diane Bergeron. Every single page is simply delicious!


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