Wednesday, February 9, 2011

With a little bit of help...Keep Queensland's flood victims in your hearts!

 Mr Smith's Blossom | limited edition screenprint signed and numbered

How quickly do we forget disasters when we are not a victim. The water is gone, but many Queenslanders have lost their homes and businesses. They need to rebuild and donations to the  Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal are still very welcome. Together with Ivy & Piper we have made a donation of screenprints and linens the proceeds of which will go fully to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal. You can also read about this donation in Ivy & Piper's 2011 Love Issue. If you are intersted in buying any of the 5 colorful limited edition screenprints (numbered and signed) or Ivy&Piper's beautifully crafted linen items please mail to You can also help by blogging this forward! Thank you x

 Ivy & Piper's 100% linen beautifully monogrammed

Blossom in Lavender screenprint,
how stunning it looks when framed!


  1. I agree, it's easy for us to get on with our days when those poor people are still struggling, trying to clean up and sort out what to do next. You are doing a lovely thing Mariska :)

  2. YOu are right, how soon we forget disasters if we are not involved! Great idea! kisses

  3. Wow, you're doing a great thing Mariska. Thank you for thinking about the QLD'ers and for donating to the flood appeal. The screen print is stunning!

  4. Yes, very true. So much going on around the world right now that at times it feels hard to keep up.

  5. Mariska this is so generous of you and I think you are a wonderful person.

    I am including this announcement and link in my next blog post.

    xx Charlotta



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