Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Day at the Fair

Today was the 4th day at De Woonbeurs. I can highly recommend the experience of particpating. The learning curve is steep, but amazing. The fair is open to the public except yesterday which was for the trade only. The reason I picked a fair open to the public is that I find it important to see the response and get feedback from the (potential) end customer. What I am really happy about is the amount of people that recoginze my work and know the story behind it. It confirms that I am on the right track. The translation of 4 years of work to 12 square meters has definetly not been in vain. It is a modest start which tastes like more... The video gives you a flavour.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Almost there!

Well some more footage on the styling of the booth. Quite a challenge considering we only have 12 square meters to work with! Also I love my colours but seeing them concentrated on this level especiallly with the plain interior stylist and friend Sally Lyon and my sister have been a great support.
In these pictures you don't see the final result yet. We edited a few things yesterday but there was no time left for filming or photgraphing after the invasion of crowd on the first day. More tomorrow. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On!

The current state of my booth. Keep calm and carry on!!

My first ever interior decoration fair. Yesterday did not go as planned, was that something to be expected? I promised myself to stay calm and I did. When we arrived at the fair the booth was far from ready for styling.  Here is a short video update.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eat, Breathe, Dream

new pillow design: Allium (in satin silk)

It is 48hrs to countdown. Only very little time left to the start of interior decorating fair "DE WOONBEURS" here in Amsterdam. As you can imagine I eat, breath, dream WOONBEURS, including the occasional nightmare. I still have to make some final descisions about the look of my booth but my new pillow designs, including Allium above will be on show. This morning we will start with setting up. The larger pieces first, with the fine tuning tomorrow. I will be trying to document the process also with my FLIP camera. This is the first time I am really using it so apologies for my first unedited (!) introduction.

Keep you posted!

ps (Kerry: note the purple ribbon in the picture :))

Monday, September 20, 2010

CRAVE: The Urban Girl's Manifesto

my spread in CRAVE AMSTERDAM

with CRAVE sales ambassador Athalie Stegeman and CRAVE founder Melody Biringer

Last week I attended the booklaunch of CRAVE Amsterdam: The Urban Girls' Manifesto. At the launch I met the driven founder: "CRAVE MAVEN" Melody Biringer. 
Her passionate search for the best of what we girls crave in life helped her launch and build the CRAVEcompany, a network of companies designed to innovatively connect entrepreneurs who approach business in a fresh, new way with the stylish consumers they desire in cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto (already 21 cities in the US-Canada) and now in Amsterdam as the first European city! Think Food, Fashion, Interior Design.....
Biringer and her brand provide a unique networking platform and the cherry on the cake is the CRAVE book!
I would like to thank Melody and Athalie Stegeman, sales ambassador at CRAVE Amsterdam for this great initiative and as many of you are building businesses of your own do check out whether CRAVE is available in your city!

Friday, September 17, 2010


 Royal Cover: Woodson and Rummerfield

Chic Interior shot of Habitually Chic's Heather Clawson

Woodson and Rummerfield House of Design

Victoria Smith's Bohemian interior

 The great Vincente Wolf

I am simply overwhelmed by new online magazine RUE. I should be in my studio working right now. But I have been browsing the 261 pages, every single one of them amazing and full of inspiration. I am sure I will be going mad later today with my brushes. So thank you team behind RUE which includes some of my wonderful talented friends from the blogosphere (not going to mention names as I am afraid I will forget someone and YOU should check it out yourself). Above just a few snapshots from this must read!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

In the Studio: New Arrival

Preparations for the interior decorating fair "De Woonbeurs" here in Amsterdam are in full swing. Finally my vintage two seater sofa has arrived, reupholstered in Edmond Petit's "Lin Mirror Or", a beautiful linen with a gold shimmer. I am sure it will look grand in my booth. In these pictures the sofa is teamed with my pillow designs "Blue Bird" and "In Bloom Purple". In the first picture there is also a glimpse of 2 Pierre Vandel (Paris) side tables which will also form part of the display.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another peek at my space - Dutch television (SBS6)

It can be quite nerve wrecking when you are featured on tv without having seen the end result of the shoot. But the team of SBS6 Huizenjacht did a fantastic job on my feature. What can I say, yes this is the space I live in with my kids and it is totally representative for who I am. Eclectic, bohemian, warm, colorful, slightly chaotic (as you can guess when there are no camera's around it is more than slightly chaotic).
In terms of size it is less than one third of the house I used to live in but one of the things I say in the interview is that size is not important to be happy in your home. What really matters is what you do with the space you live in! If you can bare to listen to Dutch for 5 minutes you can see the feature by clicking here. Be patient as you have to wait for the commercial to finish first. After that you can drag the arrow/forward button to 4.50 mn where my house tour starts. Enjoy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

About last week..


 New collection of designer pillows in progress

  My boxed notecards @ Books and Books, Miami

and my greeting cards (middle row)

Pierre Vandel 70s coffee table

Pfew, where did last week go? Not unusual for me that so many things were going on again, but I guess for most of you it is the same. It just goes with the territory. So here are 4 highlights from last week before I am stepping into this week's roller coaster ride!
1. My new fabrics arrived and were send off to the atelier to be turned into pillows.
2. Books and books in Miami became the first US retailer of my stationery. Pictures courtesy of my US distributor Interdecorations.
3. New arrival in my house: a 70s coffee table designed by Pierre Vandel (Paris). Perfect for displaying books & magazines! Have you ever come across his designs?
4. Someone has been redesigning my blog. I will reveal the identity of this wonderful creative person later this week once the last bits and pieces have been tweeked. To give you a hint: she is a fellow blogger and quite a few of you follow her....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

If You Obey All The Rules You Miss All The Fun

detail of my mood board

"If you obey all of the rules you miss all of the fun"

This wonderful quote from Kathrine Hepburn is on my mood board. It is one of these "typical" things I need to be reminded of especially on a day like today when I am trying to beat myself up (again), telling myself that I am not working hard enough...Whose rules? Aren't those rules MY rules? So I have taken a break to blog and I feel much better now. To conclude with another KH quote:

"If you always do what interests you at least one person is pleased."

Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday at the Studio

Here is work in progress. This painting will be one of the works that will grace the wall of my booth at the upcoming interior design fair "Woonbeurs" here in Amsterdam!

Saturday, September 4, 2010



thank you for baring with me! At the moment I live in the land of FAIR FEVER. Almost every single thing I am doing involves the WOONBEURS (The Dutch Maison et Objet) which is coming fearfully close (starting on 25th of September). My brain is aking as a result of the steep learning curve, what the hell was I thinking having my own booth :))!

In Holland we have a saying "ZEG HET MET BLOEMEN", freely translated as "to express oneself with flowers". So with the above "flower" shot of my living room I thank you all for your patience and support!


and editor Ruth Chan for featuring me as Blogger of the Month in the September issue. I apologize that the text of the feature is not legible, but this is to respect the magazine's copyright policies.


to Leah of The Way We Are blog for doing such a lovely post on my paintings and to Kerry of a Tranquil Townhouse who ranked my Studio picture in her top 10 of the week. Do check out these wonderful ladies and their blogs if you don't know them already!


thank you all for participating and promoting the giveway! And the winner of Pia Jane Bijkerk's book Made By Hand Amsterdam is: Dagny@Scandinavian Chic. Congratulations Dagny and kindly mail me your postal address!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spotted: Vermeer, Meijers & Van Gogh


My calendar 2011 has arrived! Published by Museum Cards - Bekking&Blitz. This bold & sassy calendar, including 12 different images of original oils, measures 30x30cm (approx 12x12inch). Price €12,95. The calendar is available in museum and bookstores in The Netherlands and Belgium but also through my webstore. Followers & fans receive a free set of 3 bookmarks with their purchase.

Click here to go the the webstore.


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