Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Southern Delights - an impression

nervous before speeching (I am just better with my brush)

handing the first card box to Francoise Oostwegel

 elegant Judith Oostwegel with my proud mother

 well deserved glass of wine :)

all my paper products "spinning around"

with Chef Hans Snijders celebrating his 30th anniversary as Chef of Chateau Neercanne

With Chef Vincent van Vierzen of Kruisherenrestaurant

It was a busy but wonderful weekend. Here are some impressions of my exhibition at bookstore Selexyz Dominicanen. The location is just amazing! In connection with the exhibition I created a culinary card wallet for Camille Oostwegel Chateau Hotels and Restaurants. Inspired by delicious recipes of Chefs, Hans Snijders of Chateau Neercanne, Otto Nijenhuis of Chateau St Gerlach, Vincent van Vierzen of Kruisherenrestaurant and Roland Vincken of Restaurant Pirandello I made 5 paintings to illustrate their culinary art! Charming Judith Oostwegel and artistic daugther Francoise were guests of honour.
Maastricht is so much worth visiting and if you do, staying at one of Oostwegel's spectacular historic hotels is an absolute must!

Photo's courtesy photographer Linda Ruepert

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Silence is Holy!

I know, (again) I haven't been blogging for a couple of days but all for a good cause. I am preparing for my next exhibition in Selexyz Dominicanen in Maastricht, according to The Guardian one of the world's most stunning bookschops. The vernisage is this Sunday and the exhibition will continue until December 31.
Above you see the area where my work will hang (in the picture it shows an exhibition of artist Klaas Gubbels, a man who I much admire!). This former church was redesigned by Merkx+Girod architects. I am glad that my work has powerful colours, otherwise it would just disappear in this amazing space!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The week in pictures - From GLAMOUR to Joan Sutherland

LATIN AMERICA. The cherry on "this week's cake" was the October edition of GLAMOUR (LATAM) featuring one of my paintings and 2 pillow designs in connection with the exhibition at Design Within Reach in West Palm Beach. To view my work and designs directly available in the US go to Interdecorations.

 Aurélien Poirot in action

AMSTERDAM. I finished a series of commissioned illustrations for BRIDGES, the hip and happening fish restaurant of 5 star hotel Sofitel The Grand in Amsterdam. The illustrations will be published as boxed culinary cards with recipes by briljant French chef Aurélien Poirot. The cardbox will be launched towards the end of November celebrating the restaurant's one year anniversary so expect a full report then (and sorry I can't reveal any images yet)!

DUBAI. My pillow designs are now available through The Sofa Studio

 Joan Sutherland with my mother Tine van Grootel in Maria Stuarda

GENEVA. Sadly Joan Sutherland died aged 83. I had the pleasure of meeting her on several occasions during the time that my mother sang with her. She was amazing.

 Expat Living (October 2010)

SINGAPORE.  Earlier this week I blogged about some wonderful publicity in Expat Living featuring happy clients talking about my work.

Rowan Metzner's fish picture

Elizabeth Kleinveld's Spring Exhuberance

NEW ORLEANS. I did a very special book give away of "Before (During) After", Louisiana Photographers reactions to Hurricane Katrina. You can still enter until October 26 so PLEASE DO as the story should not be forgotten! To enter click here.

Enjoy your Sunday xox!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New press - Happy clients in Singapore!

Today I received a wonderful suprise in the mail, the October issue of Expat Living (Singapore) featuring charming Marilisa Busatta and her husband in front of my painting Interior with Chinese Screen. I met Marilisa when I was exhibiting in Singapore in October last year and told me that she had seen one of my "parrot in cage "paintings at a friends house in Paris and that she fell in love with my work. We had an immediate click. So thank you Marilisa and Expat Living. I feel honoured with such tribute!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Before (During) After - Louisiana Photographers Reactions To Hurricane Katrina -Book giveway!

 The Book: Before (During) After

@ the Amsterdam book event - Caroline Griep, Elizabeth Kleinveld,
Eric Paul Julien, Paul Cliteur

 Elizabeth Kleinveld's limited edition photo in my son's room (featured in the book)

 Before During After: photographer: Eric Paul Julien

Elizabeth's photo of toxic waste. After the water levels dropped this is what it looked like
almost poetic
 nola's toxic waste on my wall

Last week I attended a very special book event here in Amsterdam of Before (During) After.

In 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, one of my best friends, New Orleans born and raised Elizabeth Kleinveld was there with her husband and children for their summer holidays.
We were al doing "our thing" at the time. At the event, friend and editor, Caroline Griep recalled during her speech that"her thing" at that moment was experiencing the most scary thunderstorm of her life inVenice not realizing that something much more material happened on the other side of the Ocean.
Many of us can recall the moment the news hit, but for the people that were actually in the midst of it, it will remain part of them forever. When Elizabeth returned safely to Amsterdam she was desperately searching for a way to find peace with the event and decided she needed to make a book. 5 years of passion, persistance and patience resulted in "Before (During) After:  an estetic and elegant collection of photographs of a devestating event. Twelve photographers contributed photos and essays:  Jennifer Shaw, Frank Relle, Lori Waselchuk, Rowan Metzner, Samuel Portera, David Rae Morris, Jonathan Traviesa, Eric Julien, Zack Smith, Elizabeth Kleinveld, Mark J. Sindler, and Thomas Neff. Their photographs are a melancholy record of both the damages (some small, some enormous) and their own feelings and experiences.

Although my own art and designs are collourful and happy I fell instantly for the intensity of the photographs. I got sucked into them completely. I just had to have at least a few on my wall and so it happened. It is difficult to share the emotions the photographs in the book evoke but you will have an opportunity to have the expierence.

And yes I know it might not be the usual glamorous suspect on your coffee table but here is your  opportunity to win a copy of this beautiful, inspiring, touching book signed by Elizabeth Kleinveld. TO ENTER:

- be a follower of my blog
- like Before (During) After on facebook 

and of course tweet as an addtional entry!

The winner will be announced on October 26.

....and if you don't win the book can be bought online amongst others through Octavia Books

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Peaceful Moment

YES I am getting my act together. Finally time to visit some of my blogfriends again and clearing the warzone in my house (yes that is what it looks like after rushing in and out for almost two weeks in a row :))). So happy to be able to grab a peaceful moment in my favourite place: my home, creating still lifes with my "prized possesions" and designs.
And.... I have to admit that my Allium pillow looks grand on the white leather Artifort lounge chair...The pillow is part of the new collection I am working on and it is already available through my webstore here! The lampshade in the back is also my design.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Catching up - Thank You Notes!

 My daily transport between home and the fair and back!

Getting back on my feet after 9 days at the interior decorating fair here in Amsterdam. 9 whole days from beginning to end promoting my brand. It was just fabulous, but I was living on another planet so I am desperately catching up amongst others with my blogging family and friends!

My first big thank you goes to Shari Miller of Little Blue Deer for being incredeably creative, patient and supportive. As you may have noticed my blog was revamped not so long ago and I can now reveal that this was done by the magic touch of Shari! I had quite a few wishes part of them too technical for my simple brain, but Shari managed to create exactly what I envisaged for my blog's look and feel. If you are craving a blog revamp but like me are not confident touching all the issues do contact Shari for information and a quote at shari@littlebluedeer.com.

The next big thank you goes to Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth of Design Refuge for doing a wonderful posting about my home. Design Refuge is the largest meetig place on line for design bloggers world wide and if you have not registered your blog with them yet what is holding you back! Go to Design Refuge and get connected!


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