Saturday, October 16, 2010

The week in pictures - From GLAMOUR to Joan Sutherland

LATIN AMERICA. The cherry on "this week's cake" was the October edition of GLAMOUR (LATAM) featuring one of my paintings and 2 pillow designs in connection with the exhibition at Design Within Reach in West Palm Beach. To view my work and designs directly available in the US go to Interdecorations.

 Aurélien Poirot in action

AMSTERDAM. I finished a series of commissioned illustrations for BRIDGES, the hip and happening fish restaurant of 5 star hotel Sofitel The Grand in Amsterdam. The illustrations will be published as boxed culinary cards with recipes by briljant French chef Aurélien Poirot. The cardbox will be launched towards the end of November celebrating the restaurant's one year anniversary so expect a full report then (and sorry I can't reveal any images yet)!

DUBAI. My pillow designs are now available through The Sofa Studio

 Joan Sutherland with my mother Tine van Grootel in Maria Stuarda

GENEVA. Sadly Joan Sutherland died aged 83. I had the pleasure of meeting her on several occasions during the time that my mother sang with her. She was amazing.

 Expat Living (October 2010)

SINGAPORE.  Earlier this week I blogged about some wonderful publicity in Expat Living featuring happy clients talking about my work.

Rowan Metzner's fish picture

Elizabeth Kleinveld's Spring Exhuberance

NEW ORLEANS. I did a very special book give away of "Before (During) After", Louisiana Photographers reactions to Hurricane Katrina. You can still enter until October 26 so PLEASE DO as the story should not be forgotten! To enter click here.

Enjoy your Sunday xox!


  1. WOW!! What an amazing week! You must be buzzing with exitement from all of that! Well done on a highly successful week! :)
    x Beth

  2. You have had a mega-week!! How thrilling. You are going from strength to strength - how do you keep up with yourself??
    Yes, very sad about Dame Joan Sutherland - she was a great talent. How incrediible that your mother sang with her! WOW!

  3. What did I tell're taking over the world! Australia next please :)

  4. Congrats on the Glamour feature, Mariska!

  5. Wow! Glamour! to it all, you go girl!
    great photos here!:)

  6. Congratulations Mariska, I must google your mother!! how exciting!! xx

  7. Amazing news, congrats to you!!! Positively lovely!

    Amy R.

  8. now that is what i call a brilliant week, well all except Dame Joan. She was a remarkable singer and such a presence, we're so proud she was australian!

    congrats on all your great successes darl - you deserve them all! jxx

  9. Wow - amazing coverage. Just wonderful!!

  10. Wow!! How exciting...and your blog looks fabulous!!

  11. wow...what an amazing and productive week you had! very happy to know that you are going places lady! you deserve all the success and accolades...

    have a fab week ..

  12. wow..what an exciting and productive week you had! very happy to know that you're going deserve every bit of success and accolade!

  13. What a super duper mega week!! I am so happy for you! Glamour magazine...Go you!!

  14. I found your blog off another blog's column - couldn't help but check you out with such a wonderful blog title ;)

    Newest follower, L

  15. Congrats on the Glamour mention.



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