Monday, September 13, 2010

About last week..


 New collection of designer pillows in progress

  My boxed notecards @ Books and Books, Miami

and my greeting cards (middle row)

Pierre Vandel 70s coffee table

Pfew, where did last week go? Not unusual for me that so many things were going on again, but I guess for most of you it is the same. It just goes with the territory. So here are 4 highlights from last week before I am stepping into this week's roller coaster ride!
1. My new fabrics arrived and were send off to the atelier to be turned into pillows.
2. Books and books in Miami became the first US retailer of my stationery. Pictures courtesy of my US distributor Interdecorations.
3. New arrival in my house: a 70s coffee table designed by Pierre Vandel (Paris). Perfect for displaying books & magazines! Have you ever come across his designs?
4. Someone has been redesigning my blog. I will reveal the identity of this wonderful creative person later this week once the last bits and pieces have been tweeked. To give you a hint: she is a fellow blogger and quite a few of you follow her....


  1. What a busy lady! I love the coffee table - as you say, perfect for storing lovely magazines! And French too - got to LOVE that!!
    Looking forward to see the spruced up blog :)

  2. The new blog is already looking good - I love the header!

    Congrats on the US store stock - great to see! Have a lovely week!

  3. Hey Mariska, you are a marvel! Congratulations on taking over the U.S. Those cards and cushions will be in the White House soon! I love your coffee table and that fabric is very special. Oh, and vis a vis my cookbook come and visit and I'll cook you dinner from it for sure!! Have a great week.

  4. Mariska takes over the world! Can't wait for the great reveal! ;)

  5. Hi looks all lovely to me! Trying to get my flying schedule in a week so I know when I can help you! I think that new pillowdesign will really suit in my habitat!!!!!!! X

  6. Wow! I am so happy for you Mariska! I love all your creations! And how the most colorful rows in the stores are yours!

    So many congratulations and well wishes on your projects to come!

  7. Omg! You have to let me know when your new pillows are available. I'm dying over the colors! xx

  8. omg - that fabric on a roll is amazing! KG



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