Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Day at the Fair

Today was the 4th day at De Woonbeurs. I can highly recommend the experience of particpating. The learning curve is steep, but amazing. The fair is open to the public except yesterday which was for the trade only. The reason I picked a fair open to the public is that I find it important to see the response and get feedback from the (potential) end customer. What I am really happy about is the amount of people that recoginze my work and know the story behind it. It confirms that I am on the right track. The translation of 4 years of work to 12 square meters has definetly not been in vain. It is a modest start which tastes like more... The video gives you a flavour.


  1. OH I would have loved to go! Your pillows are amazing!


  2. How rewarding to get that immediate feedback. I applaud your courage as well as your creativity!!!

  3. Mariska..that is just awesome!! So so happy for you..and so very proud of you too..well done sweety..you deserve all the goodness that comes from this xo

  4. You're so talented, we're not surprised how many people recognize your creativity! Congrats!




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