Friday, February 4, 2011

New press: Ivy & Piper's Love Issue 2011!

click here for IVP-TV - interview with stylish Diane Bergeron

I was over the moon when Melanie and Elizabeth contacted me a while ago for an artist feature in their Love Issue 2011. While we were working on it the flooding disaster struck Queensland. 
Since I started blogging I have become more and more connected to Australia because of some dear colleague bloggers. They make me feel that there are no boundaries, no oceans that divide us, no time zones. Sitting here in Amsterdam, watching the devestation on TV made me want to do something so I spontanously donated 5 screenprints and send them over to Ivy&Piper. All proceeds go towards the Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal. If you are interested to purchase one of these limited edition screenprints email to

Going back to the wonderful content of Ivy & Piper's Love Issue 2011 make sure to read it. The issue includes bio's and interviews with design icons like Carleton Varney, Jamie Herzlinger and Diane Bergeron. Every single page is simply delicious!


  1. How fantastic - I can't wait to read it Mariska!

  2. Yes I saw it yesterday and loved it when your smiling face appeared Mariska! Your donation is such a lovely thing to do x

  3. Nice work and donating Mariska. I will check out the issue. Sinead

  4. Oh I love their features...
    Lovely online mag...
    I just checked it out about an hour ago:)

  5. Congrats Mariska! it is a beautiful issue and fabulous that you are so generous! I wrote to Elizabeth that I love the videos too!! Happy Sunday! :))

  6. It was a fantastic issue and I loved the profile on you, Mariska. Your work always brings cheer everyhwere it's seen! xo

  7. loved the feature mariska - congrats darl! jxx

  8. You are wonderful!
    What a generous thing to do. Big kisses to you for that!!

    Congratulations on the feature. Well deserved!

    Big hugs from a now flooded, bush fire burned and cyclone raged Australia..! What is happening to this country..!?!

    xx Charlotta

  9. fantastic! Congrats Mariska!

  10. Congratulations Mariska, that's so exciting to be featured! xx

  11. I haven't had time to check out the lastest issue, but I'm going to read it today. Your getting press all over the place.



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