Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reflecting on 2013 and sliding in to 2014!

Painted Ikat wallpaper and Coco Ikat pillow designs

"To live honousty and passionately, creating your own happiness. Complaining is futile as you are the one that is in charge." Mariska Meijers

We know all to well that we should not dwell on the past. But it is the experiences from that very past on which we further build our lives. We learn from our failures or at least we are supposed to. There is no success without failing, but gosh we human beings can be so blind and stubborn at times.  

My biggest failure of last year was stacking one thing on top of the other until I reached a total overload physically and mentally beginning of December. Looking in the mirror I could not find that smiling upbeat girl.....

It felt like a head-on collision! I realized that 2013 was not the only year I had been stacking up but it has been going on for years. Running full speed ahead, never taking a step back and reflect.

Everything I do comes from my heart and with so much passion that it is difficult to control. I am convinced that I am heading the right direction but taking the winding road* has been making me a bit car sick….

So for 2014 (oh how I hate new year's resolutions) I will do my best to think just a little bit more before I leap and making decisions that lead the MARISKA MEIJERS AMSTERDAM brand and myself to the high way..... 

*please note that the winding road has resulted in success not just car sickness :) including publications in Architectural Digest,, Marie Claire Maison and many more and adding great retailers selling the Mariska Meijers Amsterdam brand, including Selfridges (London), Gracious Home (NYC) and Bals (Japan). 



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