Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My thoughts are with Brisbane

Holland 1953
Brisbane 2011

Yesterday when I came back from a whole day of client visits I switched on the news and saw the images of a flooded Brisbane. The Dutch have been fighting the water for ages, with the worst flooding disaster in 1953. Anna Spiro's shop Black&Spiro is in Brisbane, so are Ivy&Piper's Melanie and Elizabeth! My thoughts are with Brisbane.


  1. Mine as well and of course I'm taken right back to New Orleans. My heart is aching for them all and for the animals, I always worry about them during these disasters.

  2. Its so awful what's going on there!!

    Anyhow I nominated you for a fun little thing that is being passed around the blog world!!

    Laura xoox

  3. Whoops!! You still stand as one of my most stylish!!!

  4. Like Jeanette's coment above, I always worry and get very upset to think about all the poor animals. It's so sad.

  5. I agree Mariska, it is an awful situation...I hope everyone is safe Down Under!! xoxo

  6. Nice post and my sentiments exactly. Sinead



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