Friday, June 3, 2011

Wonderful mention in ELLE Decor's Design Insiders' Weekly Finds!

Lily and Molly modelling an Ada and Darcy  sea blue dog bed 
(and in the corner a glimpse of my Painted Ikat pillow also available through Ada and Darcy)

ELLE Decor Design Insiders' Weekly Finds

Where would I be without great clients and fans! To quote Kellie Collis of stylish blog and webstore Ada and Darcy in ELLE Decor's Design Insiders' weekly finds:
“Being a lover of all things colorful, I adore artist Mariska Meijers' home. I have absolutely no talent with a paint brush, so it's wonderful to see Mariska work her magic around her house.”
As you may guess this quote made me silent, especially as I was having one of those days feeling totally insecure, juggling too many things at the same time, feeling that I am not getting anywhere, totally unhappy with my own work.....
So thank you Kellie for this warm encouragement, for your support both in words and in action!
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend. The sun is out here in Amsterdam, my bike is ready to roll to a nice outdoor restaurant along one of the canals. xxx


  1. Your work is absolutely stunning. Kellie is a customer of ours too and she is such a sweet sweet person :o)))

    Looking forward to following your beautiful work.


  2. Hee Mariska, soms heb je inderdaad van die dagen, maar dan zijn er andere schouders die de jouwe weer recht krijgen!
    ik leer ook van je, and besides....wij zijn blonde dames!, we gonne proof the world wrong toch?

    zet 'm op,

    kus, Anook

  3. Congrats Mariska! how wonderful, I love Kellie and read her blog daily...have a fab Sunday biking around Amsterdam!

  4. I bet I am not the only one who feels that way! Enjoy the beautiful week ahead, Kellie xx

  5. It's nice to have someone affirm what you must already know deep down - that you have incredible talent! Congratulations! Also, would love to see a photo or two of these restaurants along the canal you speak of...

  6. Hahah a glimpse of your pillow in the corner! xxxx



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