Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mind boggling Blogsy - fab App for iPad!

How proud I was to have purchased my iPad 2 just a few weeks back. Thinking it to be a wise decision. So much lighter than a laptop, easy for my travels, a great tool to blog......Arrrrrghhhhhh. Not so easy as I had hoped. To be honoust I didn't do extensive research simply assuming mister Apple had 'it' all covered. I could not upload any pictures and let's face it.....a blogpost without visuals is like the Tate without its art. The guys in the Apple Store told me to wait for the Cloud. What cloud, I can't just sit around waiting for a cloud. Sorry Steve, this is simply asking too much from this not so patient girl. I have my iPad NOW meaning I want to blog NOW! I could not believe that some clever person had not already found a way around it. So I googled myself 'color blind' searching for a solution and voilà I found an App named Blogsy. Super technical as I am (not) I started to venture into this whole new scary area today promising myself to eat this particular ugly frog first before doing anything else.
And guess what.....with some very helpful tutorials on YouTube I have suprised myself and I am starting to believe I can actually blog from my Ipad including visuals. If this is the case Blogsy is going to be my new best vriend on my trip to the States next week. The only thing is that I will only know the outcome of this very first Blogsy try out once I have posted. Keeping my fingers crossed that it can be done (and if it works thank you Lance)!
note: in the picture I am sporting one of my new designs, the Painted Peacock scarve (100% silk, Made in Holland) to be launched at the New York International Gift Fair in August


  1. I will be waiting with baited breath as I recently got an IPad as well and haven't tried to post to my blog with it yet.

  2. How brave Mariska! good job you figured it out in the end - love the scarf and best of luck for the show in August! ;-)



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