Friday, December 2, 2011

Museum Talk

 Charles in a Striped Jersey (Henri Evenpoel, 1898)
Mauk in a Striped Jersey (hallway @ home)

new facade Stedelijk Museum
inside the new exhibition hall @ Stedelijk Museum
One of my Eclectic Interiors (100x100cm, oil on canvas)
on show @ Wereldmuseum Rotterdam 

Last week was all about museums for me both as visitor and exhibitor.


At the Van Gogh Museum I saw Snapshot. Painters and Photography, 1888-1915 an exhibition that zooms in on artists' everyday live. On show are phothographs and paintings by George Hendrik Breitner, Pierre Bonnard, Maurice Denis, Henri Evenpoel, Henri Rivière, Felix Valloton and Edouard Vuillard. The exhibition gives an great insight on the creative process of these painters. 
My favourite of this exhibition is a painting (and matching photograph) by Evenpoel "Charles in a Striped Jersey". Dated 1898, but looking so unbelievably modern and touching (Charles was his illegitimate child). I went back twice to study this wonderful painting and made me laugh at my own attempt a few years back to paint a portrait of my son Mauk (in a striped jersey). I guess I will never become a portrait painter....
The exhibition will run from 14 October 2011 to 8 January 2012 at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam(and in Washington from February to April 2012, and in Indianapolis from June to early September 2012).

Our "MoMa" closed for many years for extensive renovation, to be re-opened in 2012. I was lucky to get a sneak preview last Friday when the spectacular white main entrance façade of the Stedelijk Museum was officially revealed by means of a lightshow (and meeting the architect Mels Crouwel of BenthemCrouwel).

In connection with the exhibition Future Pass two of my paintings will be on show and the Museum store has added my designs to their collection. The exhibition will run from December 8 to March 11, 2012.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend. I am flying off to London!



  1. That's just great - congratulations!
    I really like the portrait you did your son :)

  2. You stay business! Which is good :-) Happy weekend.



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