Sunday, April 29, 2012

Store Tales: Almost there!

Whaaa what was I thinking. Setting up shop in the historic city centre of Amsterdam. I received the key a few weeks back and slowly the place is starting to look like the real thing. I am learning new things everyday. I am enjoying (almost) every single minute, but I am totally exhausted in the evenings. Having a shop is such a different energy. One of the things I love most is the interaction and the feedback from my "end" customers. What is beyond all my expectations is that so far about 80% of my clients are from abroad. From Sao Paolo to Sydney from Stockholm to Tokyo....
This Wednesday May 2 on my 50th!!! ;}}}} birthday my Flagship will open officially. A new shopping destination for lovers of quirky, original home accessories, art & gifts. Most of it is my own designs, but teamed with vintage finds, photography by US artist Elizabeth Kleinveld and lamps from Paris by Mathieu Challieres with more to follow soon....(including a first peek at a Dunes and Duchess lampbase (made in in the USA) complimented with my lampshade in silk Micro Ikat (made in Amsterdam))


  1. oh mariska, it looks FABULOUS!! well done you.

    huge congratulations and much luck for every possible success xxx

  2. Babe you are fantastic!!
    This is so exciting and you know I am cheering loudly in Swedish a few hundred miles North of where you are!! :)

    50 is the new 30 and who cares about age. You have the energy of a 20-year old and the business savvyness of an old mogul!! :)

    The store is looking amazing and I know you will keep on pushing it into new directions and levels. The sky is your limit and I will stand by you all the way!

    Go girl. Go go go!!

    xx Charlotta xx



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