Friday, January 29, 2010

The Kate Chaos Files

There are things that we somehow never learn. As a child I was quite chaotic. My parents lovingly (or desperately) nicknamed me Kate Chaos. So once in a while I try to a be good girl and start reorganizing my clothes, nick nacks, books and magazines. Especially magazines are a "big problem". I have loads of them, some over 10 years old. Still in one piece. It would be easier if I just rip out what I would like to keep and throw the rest away. Whenever I start doing this I usually get stuck on the floor between the piles, browsing, reading, my head filling with inspiration by which stage I go back behind my easel.   The piles of magazines remain on the floor, not always short term. Today while doing my "reorganizing" I found this stunning interior of decorator Tino Zerduvachi's Parisian appartment.  Photographed by Jacques Dirand for The World of Interiors (June 1999). Some interiors never go out of style.

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