Thursday, February 25, 2010

Artistic Dreams

I am still enjoying my ski holiday with the family. Spending the entire day outside, sliding down the slopes, enjoying Austrian food and wine makes it all  a great recipie for a good night sleep. Last night I dreamt about work and the challenges ahead of me. It made me wake up hungry this morning. Hungry to create, so on top of my to do list when I am back in Amsterdam will be a visit to my favourite art supply store Van Beek Art Supplies near the Rijksmuseum. The store has this great old fashioned atmosphere with its large wooden counter and shelving and high ceilings. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Just can't wait!


  1. Hi! My husband and I skied at Zermatt years ago ... I will never forget the view at the top of mountain! I hope you enjoyed your vacation.

  2. Hi Ann,

    It was a great vacantion thank you. I am completely recharged and will show some new paintings on my blog in the next few days!




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