Sunday, June 20, 2010

Japan vs Holland!

 impression of the cards unfolded with recipe on the back
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handing HOLLAND to deputy Ambassador to Japan minister T. Jshii

You MUST get tired of me sometimes with everything that is going on. I get at least tired of myself once in a while, but mostly with a smile and YES just like you sometimes with a cry too.
This weekend is fully booked with events.
Soccer is a big thing in The Netherlands and the whole country is painted orange. People plan events around every match and I attended a Japanese event yesterday while Japan and Holland were playing against each other. Holland won 1-0....So in stead of waving the Dutch flag I have put the HOLLAND boxed notecards up on my blog. A series with 5 different illustrations based on the Delftblue collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam teamed up with typical Dutch recipes. 10 double cards 2x5 designs, blank inside, recipe on the back. Recipes by Dutch culinary author & journalist Lise Goeman Borgesius. And the good thing is that they are availabe in English now! Interested to buy click here.


  1. Go Holland! Both your cards and you look fabulous my dear! I love how they have recipes. Our weekend was super crazy too but we had some AWESOME German food last night that I am craving again! Chicken Oscar and Beef Rouladan. Here I come!

  2. Even though soccer is not our main sport, because our little NZ team have made it to the World Cup this year, and drew 1-1 with Italy this morning, it is the number one topic on everyones lips. We are all so excited too!

  3. My favorite! Your giveaway is posted today! xx



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