Friday, November 5, 2010

The Irresistible Piet Paris

 Saks 5th Avenue window display

Runway Victor & Rolf

 Piet Paris at the exhibition
signing the MMM Hair pencil drawing

Paris' original illustration on my wall

Yesterday I showed you my latest art purchase, a pencil drawing, not revealing who the artist was. Well it is by gifted creative director Piet Paris (1962). Paris is a fashion illustrator extraordinaire. His distinctive colorful, graphic work is made with stencils created from an initial sketch and colored with acrylic, gouache or pastel using a paint roller. He has done illustrations for many magazines like Vogue Japan, a wonderful campaign for Saks Fifth Avenue and the runway design for Victor & Rolf Spring RTW 2011 collection. Besides making illustrations Studio Piet Paris also designs products, on commission as well as under its own label. Paris runs the Studio together with dedicated Marc Kwakman.
20 years "in the business" was recently celebrated by a sales exhibition and a book launch here in Amsterdam. It was a an instant hit and a complete sell-out! And so well deserved!

Studio Piet Paris is on facebook.


  1. what an incredibly talented guy, love his style. xx

  2. Bold and exciting work, how nice you have a signed piece. With a name like Piet Paris, he had to be famous.

  3. What fabulous artwork! I particularly love the one you own - lucky you!!

  4. It's great to have artist friends. Your home is always filled with fabulous art.

  5. Love his style! It is a priceless thing to be surrounded by meaningful art! I am in love with the fourth one from the top!



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