Sunday, December 19, 2010

Getting Ready!

 Christmas tree in the Meijers' residence

my loyal car!

5 hours! That is what I spend in my car last Friday. Stuck in traffic chaos caused by heavy snowfall. There was no escaping. A distance that would normally take me about 15 minutes. I completely under estimated the situation and thought I could easily make a delivery to a client...
Well there are worse things in life. I am enjoying one of the most relaxed weekends I had in ages. The tree is up and I am getting ready for Christmas. I feel blessed!


  1. So pretty...even the snow covered streets that have caused so many delays! It's meant to be hot here but it's not...back into our winter woolies for a few days :( I'm heading to my parents for Christmas and only just finished having the living room painted so no tree for me this year. Instead I get to look at lovely scenes from my blogging friends :) Have a wonderful Christmas Mariska. I feel blessed to have 'met' you xx

  2. Me too! so blessed happy holidays my friend
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  3. Great perspective! At least you're tucked up at home with your beautiful tree now. :-)

  4. Me too, Mariska! Have a very Merry Christmas. We're snowed in as well!

  5. Your place is looking fabulous and festive, Mariska! Have a very Merry Christmas. xo

  6. What a great attitude...Santa should bring you extra goodies this year!!

  7. Oh my god! 5 hours! you surely had time enough to think about many many things! see the positive side! Here it´s also snowing and snowing... and snowing!!! Nice pic! kisses



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