Thursday, March 10, 2011

Look how tidy mum!

 hiding stuff from the camera
 Tada! Ready for the shoot.

When I seriously think about it there are only two occassions on which  I REALLY tidy up my home. Either I have a photoshoot or my parents are coming to visit. In between those occassions I wiggle my way through wonderful piles of stuff. It is just everywhere books, magazines, clothes, Donald Ducks, shoes, boots, nic nacs.....
So today I had another photoshoot, read: major panic attack before the happy event. Frantic last minute cleaning and stuffing stuff out of sight. Just wonder if I just should let it go next time. Leave everything as is. After all I am not living in a museum and I guess I just wasn't born to be a tidy girl (although I was brought up to be one). Love you mum (and dad of course) xox.


  1. I love it! A girl after my own heart as they say over here. Kindred spirits! Sinead

  2. I love what I see so far. Even if it's not purrrfectly tidy, it looks lived in and happy. Love the gorgeous happy colors!

  3. Hi Mariska,
    Come check out the Scandinavian Decoration Book up for grabs at Northern Light!

    :) Natasha

  4. So much color in your home! I love it.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  5. I'm a bit the same. I realise that I'm just not an organised girl, never will be.
    I love the colourful artwork on the wall in the third image :)

  6. There's beauty in mess surely :) And your home is so full of colour and treasure, who cares if it's messy. More to look at that way!

  7. You are so right! Life is too short for cleaning and I love your home how it is!!! Hope to meet you at 'Meet the Blogger' Amsterdam.

    Lise M.

  8. You make me feel better about my own (messy) habits. I have no problem maneuvering through piles of books etc. although I was brought up to be a tidy girl too. Your home is so gorgeous with all its colorful beauty - I love the bouquet in the last photo!

  9. I need a photo shoot. (Your place looks great, BTW.)



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