Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Royal Attic Sale!

images all from the Sotheby's catalogue

Our Royal Family will be holding an attic sale. Sotheby's Amsterdam will be auctioning over 1600 lots, including furniture, porcelain, glass, silver, paintings and drawings which encompass the long and varied history of the Dutch Royal family. Many come from the Palace Soestdijk where Queen Juliana lived throughout her married life, while other items come from the attics of other Royal Palaces. Only a small number of the pieces were acquired by Queen Juliana and her spouse Prince Bernhard, and by far the greater share was accumulated over the last 150 years from Kings Willem II and III, Queen Emma and Queen Wilhelmina. Many of the works still bear inventory marks and labels to show their origins in the seven Royal Palaces and Royal Residences throughout the Netherlands. The sale is for the benefit of charity. For details of the auction click here.


  1. Now THAT is an auction I would LOVE to attend. Will you be going? Fun just to see all the items!

  2. I've not been afforded the opportunity to attend a auction from Sotheby's and in Amsterdam no doubt. I would love to see one, cause I'm sure these items are not going to be in my price point, but exciting for me to watch.

  3. How fabulous to be able to own pieces from the Royal Family's private collections. I particularly like the silver and blue and white china...but it is all highly covetable!! :0

  4. I would just die!! It's good that I live so far away! I love that pink china!! How will you control yourself??
    Hope you're having a great week!



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