Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tea in the City

Abstract Neon with Teapot and Tea Cup (oil and gold leaf on canvas 40x40cm)
Sipping on a cup of tea right now, taking a moment to relax  is exactly what I need.  Constant chaos here in the house, the kids bustling in and out, friends visiting, finishing paintings that will me on show over the next few months at various locations in The Netherlands and Belgium. First exhibition of this year is already up and running at Tea in the City in Amsterdam.

Just moving to a new location, Tea in the City sells a wide range of teas and accessories to have your tea with style. Evelyn, the shop owner, one of my first clients has done a wonderful job with her new shop located in the southern part of Amsterdam on the Beethovenstraat.
Just inside of Tea in the City

My painting and products feel right at home! The exhibition features works highlighting the beauty of traditional Delft pottery, Asian ceramica, sweet cakes, and of course, tea! The paintings dot the staircase and are mostly shown in the salon upstairs.

While the exhibition is running, my pillows and trays will be brightening the window front against Amsterdam's grey skies!

Our New Window Display

Maybe just a sweet little tea tray to serve tea and biscuits on! Yum.


  1. The display looks beautiful. I served fudge and champagne on that little tray for Valentine's Day at my shop. The color just hops!!

  2. It looks like a fabulous combination. Just like the sort of place I'd like to visit :)
    Your painting is lovely. I'm rather into neon at the moment.
    Wishing you a relaxing weekend x



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