Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thank you Press in Amsterdam and New York (and my Mum)!

 commisioned water color of Dutch Interior for Residence (MariskaMeijers)
Editor's letter with my water color sketch

Ikat and Daisy birchwood trays in NYC&G magazine
 and on the NYC&G website
 With publicist and political scienist Mei Li Vos
 at the Esta Magazine event

Oeps, I completely forgot to post some new press on my blog. I posted some of it on facebook and can't remember if I tweeted. TOO many things to maintain! Anyway I am proud to share this wonderful artist profile in Dutch magazine Residence which since the arrival of editor in chief Jantien Nunnikhoven has become an absolute gem. Jantien also asked me to do an illustraion for the magazine with the theme "Holland's Glorie". Thank you Residence, Jantien and team for the wonderful exposure!
And then to my big suprise I received a message from my brother Bobby Berk in New York with a picture of NYC&G magazine (New York Cottages and Gardens) where he spotted 3 of my birchwood tray designs in Zoe Settle's article "Best in Show" about the NYIGF. Checking the magazine's website I saw my trays featured again. A big thank you NYC&G and Zoe!
Last but not least I attended an event yesterday organized by Dutch magazine Esta. I was selected out of 150 nominees to compete with 2 other talented women for the "creative" woman of the year award.
In a 2 minute presentation we had to tell why we are the best. Oh bummer it is something I do not like at all but it had to be done. There is something about talking in public. I am good with words, or at least I think. Writing is fine, an interview for a magazine or even the various TV appearances I had so far went all just fine, but standing in front of an audience....It is nerve wrecking. I have this "huge potato" in my throat when I speak and I tend to get emotional because it is oh so personal. Well I didn't win, I guess I am just not a Jack of all Trades but I am proud that I did it, speak I mean. Thank you ESTA and editor in chief Ellen de Jong I am already grateful for the nomination and congratulations to the winner film editor Elsbeth Kasteel!
Not sure whether you want to read what I said or at least what I wanted to say, because I forgot bits and pieces in all my nervousness but here it is.....(and I dedicate these words to my mother, love you mum!).

"My name is Mariska Meijers, mother of 2 kids. I live and work in Amsterdam as an artist-designer. I have my own label, including home accessories that are sold worldwide in (department) stores like Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Neiman Marcus in the US. You must think WOW what a success when you hear this, but what you don't know is that this part of my life only started a few years back.
I come from an artistic family. My mother was an opera singer. For hours she would practice to perfect her part in upcoming productions. As a child I joined her many times to the Opera and I would sit backstage next to the firemen, listening to my mother, goose bumps especially when the audience bravoed her. She could touch people with her voice and I felt that I wanted to do something like that too. Touching people. But life turned out very different. I did not choose an artistic education but went to law school and became a corporate lawyer for an international bank. But I did love that job for a long time and forgot all about my creative ambitions as a child. I travelled the world business class in high heels and suit. But a few years back I started to feel empty and the emptyness grew into a big black hole that could have swallowed me. I got out, in time, by myself. Got rid of the job and started all over again. Brush and canvas, no training, no track record of any kind in the art and design industry. Over the last 5-6 years I have been building my brand. It started with painting and from there I developed various product lines such as stationary, pillows, trays with much more to follow. Sold in over 15 countries already. A bumpy but wonderful road. I am proud that I am now in a position to touch people with my decorative arts like my mother did with her voice."
My parents (Christmas 2011)


  1. Dear Mariska, it´s been a while I have been following your blog!! I am really happy for all the success you are enjoying!!! You are a great artist!!! kisses

  2. Amazing! I really like the illustration you made for Residence!



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