Sunday, October 7, 2012

Peace of Mind

Happy designs at our Store: Challieres bird lamp made in Paris
Our Challieres bird lamp and the Store mentioned in LINDA wonen!
In love with Skyler Chen's water color portrait (and yes bought it!)
Love my routine: Running in the beautiful Vondelpark
Blown away on my way to the Store: Amsterdam = biking!
Addicted to coffee breaks.....
At work with Sally preparing for new production (pillows)
Just love Feinedinge handmade porcelain from Vienna (available from my Store)
Always nice when my designs are featured (Het Parool)
Designing for charity project (Stars, Food and Art)

According to Wikipedia "Peace of Mind" may refer to "the absence of mental stress or anxiety, and the presence of serenity, calm, quiet, comfort of mind." Pffffff ok got it, try to work on that one every day. There are victories here and there sometimes small, sometimes big and failures some futile and some that spiral me back into spending the night with Mr Insomnia. But overall my journey is continuing positively up hill.

The Store is doing great, we are working hard on our new website to be officially launched towards the end of this month with the new collection. I would not be able to accomplish all this without the wonderful support of friends, family, fans and a great team of people! G R A T E F U L !
Here are just some snapshots from my daily life. Want to get more frequent updates follow me on Instagram and/or facebook!

1 comment:

  1. I will pin the 'peace of mind' definition to my forehead!
    I am so excited about the new web site and can't wait to see. Super proud of you sis!

    Love you





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