Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life is a Marathon (ok make it a double:))

Because we need to burn 3 Michelin Star Chocolates!
With 3 Michelin Star chef Thomas Buhner of La Vie and his
agent Lise Timmer
Sleeping in Walhalla (yes that is really the name of this hotel!) 
Having my wall papers photographed for the website
Photo shoot at my home for Dutch Glossy
tools for the shoot
Make-up please!
My own line of scented candles made in France has arrived!
Sunday morning: breakfast in bed for my kids....
Feet up!
Life is not all about pretty pictures. In my last post I was writing about peace of mind, and yes I am continuing to try to live a life less stressful and not too much anxiety for my doing. What helps me tremendously in times of emotional and/or work related stress is running. Over the last year or so my running habit slowed down and so did my overall energy level. It was a downward spiral and it was quite a mental and physical struggle to get myself out of it. Before the summer holidays I promised myself to take a turn for the better and I kick started my daily runs while on holiday.
Running helps to clear my mind, to focus and feel happy. A friend pointed me to the Nike+ running app which I have been using now for about a week. I love it because I was quite clueless about my distance, pace, calorie burn etc. Click here if you want to know more about Nike+.
Running supports me in running my life's marathon: JUST DO IT!
Above are some snapshots of last fortnight's 'marathon'.
Wishing you all a fruitful week ahead! x

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  1. Wow, you have had a marathon fortnight Mariska, albeit an exciting one. But it is stressful trying to cope and do so much, so good on you for recognizing that you need that running 'outlet'. I've just bought some new Nike shoes which have that app facility,so I may now be inspired to try it!
    Amanda x
    P.S photo shoot looked great and you new candles look amazing!



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