Sunday, November 11, 2012


With the Bauble I designed for Margot Janse
For David Higgs
Bauble for Claire Clark being installed. Heavy duty!
Jerome Nutile in the court yard of The Grand
Having a laugh with Clair Clark (one of many :))
Margo Janse with charming Carsten Klint
David Higgs and Andrew Gaskell. Great team work in the Kitchen!

Jerome Nutile in progress at Social Sofa!
Bauble for Ron Blaauw (** Michelin stars)
For Claire Clark!! (hey they tell me you cook for the Queen :))
Relaxing after dinner with Joe Barza and Lise Timmer
With Vincent Farges
Women power! With Margot Janse
Kiki Moya admiring his Bauble with Andrew Gaskell
an impression of my sketches for the 11 designs
Impression of Sofitel the Grand with the 'Christmas" baubles
For Vincent Farges
For David Higgs
Regine le Brun and Lise Timmer admiring "Athul Kochar" 
GM of The Grand  Robert-Jan Woltering (Bauble for Frank Rosin)
For Joe Barza
For Wolfgang Becker
"Living is tasting and tasting is living" in Dutch "Leven is proeven en proeven is leven". Such a true quote from Margot Janse! Dare to taste life and go for your passion, take risks and yes there is a price to pay (sometimes). I know all to well :}} and that is why I felt so at home last weekend!
Since a few years I have been lucky enough to attend the amazing annual Stars, Food and Art event organized by my friend and partner in crime Lise Timmer (Goeman Borgesius) of Clafoutis. This event started in Amsterdam about 6 years ago at the Hotel Legend Sofitel The Grand in Amsterdam (but has now become a worldwide Sofitel event). This wonderful hotel also happens to be a client of mine for who I provide designs and artwork. For the event of last week I was asked to design 11 "Christmas" baubles representing the 11 Chefs participating at this spectacular culinary event.
It took me quite a bit of mind breaking moments before I had figured out the designs, each of which had to be inspired by a Chef.
Mwaaaaaahhhhh I just did it, don't ask me how but the 11 Baubles were proudly presented last week at the event to be sold for charity: SOS Kinderdorpen. *

But all in life is relative. I thought I was facing a challenge.... meeting the Chefs and spending time in the kitchen I take a humble bow. Chefs are colleague artists but their performance contrary to mine has to be flawless AT THE VERY MOMENT it is expected from them. As an artist I can hide with my sketchbook or canvas, throwing away my initial doodles, but it is nothing compared to the pressure cooker of the kitchen. As a Chef you have to deliver right there and then! It was amazingly perfect and seeing the interaction and teamwork between the Chefs breathtaking. Big thank you to all to let me participate, taste and be inspired.... the team of Hotel Legend Sofitel The Grand, Lise Timmer, Claire Clark, Margot Janse, Ron BlaauwJoe Barza, Jerome Nutile, Frank Rosin, Wolfgang Becker, David Higgs, Vincent Farges, Kiko Moya and Athul Kochar. Every single one of them an amazing passionate person that strives for the best and at the same time deserves the best :)!

*This project would not have been possible without the relentless energy and workforce of Social Sofa who excecuted all my designs in such a fantastic way!


  1. Message to Sarah!! Sorry I somehow deleted your lovely comment on my post and can't put it back. Either you have to comment again or just leave it but thank you it was really uplifting! Mariska

  2. Mariska the designs are amazing!! I had no idea you were working on these wonderful treasures!!
    They are like culinary Faberge eggs and I love the diversity!
    What a project to wrap ones head around. Well done!!

    You look fabulous darling. So stunning. The Amsterdam bachelors must be leaving trails of drool along the canals! :)

    Love you!
    xx C



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