Sunday, August 25, 2013

New York City Tales: NYNow, CitiBikeNY, Vogue etc.....

With the beautiful Stacy Kunstel and
 Dunes and Duchess Candelabra

Whilst my body has landed back in Amsterdam my brain is still in NYC. An amazing week with a packed schedule, great encounters and full of inspiration!
I started of with NYNow to scout some interesting products for my Flagship Store in Amsterdam. As for lamp bases I went to visit my favorite designers Stacy and Michael of Dunes and Duchess. I selected some beautiful sconces in the most amazing colors which will first grace the walls of my booth at  MaisonObjet in Paris. The other lamps I loved were Julian Chichester's new etched glass designs.
My favorite color and shape from
Julian Chichester's new range

What made my week especially enjoyable is CitiBikeNYC. It gave me so much freedom grabbing a bike to anywhere I needed to be. From my lunch date with the Brooklyn Contessa to my appointment at the Conde Nast headquarters in Time Square :). Girl on (w)heels!!!!

Off to Conde Nast #citibikenyc #prada
I know this is hardly a snippet of all my NYC adventures but I am going to see Woody Allen's new movie Blue Jasmin right now so I am signing off! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday xox

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  1. Pretty good snippet though! I'll be interested to hear what you think of the movie, especially the divine Cate Blanchett xx



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