Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Paris is Always a Good Idea - Maison & Objet Fall 2013

I am still that girl..... chasing my dreams......

The weeks leading up to Maison&Objet are always challenging but HOW do I look forward to board that train to Paris on Thursday! As Audrey Hepburn once said: "Paris is always a good idea". Paris, Maison&Objet,  is bringing good things for me and my team. For a couple of years we have been investing, building, enjoying, suffering (with a smile), thrown back, stepping up, side tracking......., stepping up again, and again and again....we are getting there slowly but steadily and with pride we will be presenting the new collection "Bold Cubsim". Based on my hand painted designs a beautiful range of pillows, trays and lampshades have been developped together with European craftsmen (and girls!), from Holland and Sweden (and we show a bit of US made don't we DunesandDuchess ;)) .
Thank you team, clients, fans, followers, friends and family! Believing in myself is one thing but YOUR support is indispensable! xox

PS I will be reporting fom Paris so stay tuned!

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