Thursday, July 29, 2010

A little confession about Dutch television

Still in Toronto. A full but wonderful program every day. A great balance between business and pleasure. Enjoying time with my sister and kids. Moments to reflect. One of today's moments resulting in this posting. A confession to you, something I didn't feel comfortable sharing. My first appearance on Dutch television (already) in November last year. I felt naked, like in this dream that you are standing in front of an audience only wearing a towel that is basically not covering your whole body. No make-up, no styling, just me, answering questions about what has driven me to trade my old comfortable (corporate) life for an insecure future. But let's face it, the bottom line is that there are no securities in life even if you think you have a full fledged guarantee. My radical change has brought me happiness. It has made me more gutsy and eager, more appreciative of many things whether they are big or small!

Note: I apologize to my followers that this broadcast is in Dutch only without subtitles


  1. Thank you for posting that Mariska. Even though the only words I understood were bank and mid life crisis!! It was wonderful to see you working and get that lovely glimpse into your life and see your very attractive children. And it's not like you need makeup!! Perhaps you can provide a transcript one day but I have no doubt it was hugely inspirational!

  2. I admire you for going after the life you wanted to live... good for you! I always think do what you love and success will follow. xo

  3. Hi Mariska, I've just found your lovely blog and I LOVE your work, so beautiful.
    I will have to see if my husband can translate your interview for me tonight when he gets home. He is Sth African and might be able to give me a rough translation. I am now following your blog and I look forward to reading more!
    Janette x
    My Sweet Prints

  4. Lieve Mariska,

    Jij voelde je misschien naakt maar voor mij was jouw verschijning in dat programma de beroemde wake-up call. Ben nog steeds blij dat we elkaar daardoor ontmoet hebben...
    Goed te lezen dat je lekker bij je zus bent en tijd hebt om te reflecteren.

    Hollandse kus, Malva.



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