Thursday, July 1, 2010

Different Shades of Trade

For my designs I often depend on the craftmanship of others. Yes I am able to create an idea, a concept, a two dimensional picture but to transform it into the end product is a whole other ball game. For various reasons I prefer to source as close to home as possible. Over the last couple of days I have been exploring the wonderful world of lamp shades. Once you dive into it you find an ocean of possibilities but I have been able two filter it down. On my absolute shortlist is De Gezusters Stoop in Amsterdam. Just a 15 minutes bycicle ride from my house is the wonderful lampshade atelier of Carin Stoop. First impression when you walk in is that you step into another era, but having a closer look you see all her quircky combinations of antique lampbases with contemporary fabric lamp shades. She handcrafts all her designs and finds creative solutions for every lampbase. I love finding little jewels like Carin especially when it is almost in my backyard! All pictures taken by me.


  1. They are all very beautiful but I do especially love the fabric in the last picture.

  2. Genius! I wish I could go walk around the place! I can't wait to see what you do with these images!

  3. Yes the last print is really nice! It's always fun to find little treasure shops! xoxo

  4. Wow, those are all so cool! I'm totally crushing on your pillows right now, by the way!!


  5. These are amazing! I love them, TELL me you're going to be doing lampshades now! That is going to be amazing!

  6. Hi Mariska,
    I leave greetings here from the south of Germany! :)
    I just discovered your beautiful inspiring blog through Kerry from A Tranquil Townhouse.....and I like your view of creative art! ....and these georgious lampshade with the surfboards on it!
    Have a great weekend, Beate :)

  7. Gorgeous!! I just adore the fabric in the last photo!

  8. I love those lampshades. They are what I call, simple fabulousness.



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