Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Something arrived from Australia...

 My first Australian Artwork on the left (framed in white)

Yesterday at the Studio there was a package waiting for me from Australia. It was send by my dear blogger sister Kerry of A Tranquil Townhouse as I was the lucky one for her give-away.  It was wrapped tastefully with purple and orange ribbons and had a card with some personal words that touched my heart.
On the front of the card is a quote from Anatole France (A French Nobel Prize winning writer 1844-1924): " TO ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS, WE MUST DREAM AS WELL AS ACT."
The content of the package "Cloudburst" a glass artwork made by Kerry's dear husband Richard has found an honourful spot in my house. For me Cloudburst will forever be symbolic for Anatole France's quote. Thank you Kerry and Richard I will continue to act!


  1. So very deserving sweetheart...and Kerry is an gem in this little blogland...something to cherish for a long time :) x

  2. Congratulations - what a special giveaway to win! And perfect for you!

  3. You lucky lady! It looks fabulous in your setting :) I love the quote too.

  4. Congratulations!
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. There are no words to describe how precious art is. But you know that!

  5. That is beautiful. And like Sarah said it looks fabulous. Congratulations! and :) Terrific Tuesday.

  6. Hi Mariska, I'm so very glad that Cloudburst arrived in one piece! It looks wonderful there and Richard was so happy to see it amongst your beautiful things. I think you made his day and we're both glad it's found such a lovely home! xx

  7. lucky thing - all the way from Aus. too! love where you have put your new artwork! KG

  8. that's so cool, and the quote couldn't be better right?!


  9. How wondeful and a beautiful display set amongst your beautiful art and things! xx

  10. Such a beautiful vignette... Your painting is looking über chic!!




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