Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flashback - Mumbai 2006

"Being an artist means ceasing to take seriously that very serious person we are when we are not an artist. "
José Ortega y Gasset ( Spanish essayist and philosopher, 1883-1955)

Mumbai March 2006. Midst, divorce, renovating my new home, giving up my banking job I went to India with friend and colleague artist Margre Mijer for our exhibtion at Club Zenzi in trendy Bandra. Looking back I sometimes wonder how I all managed it.
At the time I was still completely oblivious of all the things to come let alone finding myself on the frontpage of the style section of the Hindustan Times with a beer bottle in my hand!  Oh my....I SERIOUSLY almost wet my pants with laughter when I saw the newspaper.


  1. ha ha, that was a really weird time with you and me...time for a reunion!!!! X margré

  2. The headline doesn't really match the images, does it! What fun :)
    I love the quote. I also have to thank you for your lovely comment about my dresses the other day - it really means a lot to me xx

  3. Ha! This is great! Sounds like you've come a long way and your India trip was a needed one! :)

    Also so wonderful that you are back home, after another successful world tour! :)

  4. Life is indeed mysterious ---- we have no idea what is around the corner! Or what newspaper we might find ourselves in!!! Enjoy where you are today ---- it seems like a great place!!!

  5. Holy cow that is great! :)
    You have done so well Mariska and I hope you are patting yourself on the back in pride approval.

    x Charlotta

  6. Makes me think of Eat,Pray,Love and Elisabeth Gilbert. Can't wait to see the movie! Look at how far you have come since then. It's so exciting to see you live your passion! A true inspiration!

  7. that a girl! even when the times are crazy, you are hitting up the style pages. :)



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