Tuesday, August 31, 2010

From my bookshelves: Le Best of ELLE DECO (1997)

(Living room detail on the front - Designer Anthony Collett)

(Designer Francois-Joseph Graf)

 (Bedroom detail - Gilles Dufour)

 (Designer Pierre Le-Tan)

Living room of an auctioneer

David Gill

When I was still a corporate girl, secretly dreaming of a creative carreer I would often dive into a book store during my lunch break. One of my favourite store's in Singapore is Page One. It has the most amazing selection of Interior Design and Art books. I bought this French ELLE Deco book already back in 1998. My books are an important source of inspiration even if they are "dated". Good style never fades!
(Le Best of ELLE Deco, 1997 - ISBN 981-00-9078-1)


  1. Beautiful, also wanted to thank you again for your advise on another book named "Chic". Every time I have a moment to sit on my couch, I grab it to get inspiration.

  2. So true.. and great images to prove it! Hope you are keeping well, xx

  3. ooooh i bet this book is goood. looks juicy! xo

  4. Oh yes I agree! I love my books like they were my babies! :) (well not really, but you know what I mean.. )

    I have sadly had to shed so many over the years with all my 'country hopping' - simply too heavy a load to carry when one flaps around the world all the time. But I still have a lovely library of goodness and once I finally settle in one permanent base I will grow the titles again!

    xx C

  5. True style certainly never fades! I could sit and look at books quietly and very happily for hours on end! This one really looks like a good one!



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