Saturday, August 28, 2010

Southern Delights



Chateau St Gerlach


Chateau Neercanne

Well I made my publisher's deadline. Yesterday I handed in 5 illustrations for  a new series of boxed culinary notecards. The illustrations will be teamed with recipes of the chefs of Camille Oostwegel Chateau Hotels & Restaurants: Kruisherenhotel Maastricht, Chateau Neercanne, Chateau St Gerlach and Winselerhof. Camille Oostwegel is a renowned Dutch hotelier with a passion for restoring monumental buildings. All his hotels and restaurants are situated in the South of Holland. His latest project the Kruisherenhotel is in the centre of Maastricht, a former Crosier cloister, dating from the fifteenth century. Together with the monumental gothic church, this complex has been transformed into a spectacular designer hotel. The interior has been created by internationally renowned interior designer Henk Vos. Throughout the complex designs classics by Le Corbusier and Rietveld and modern designsers such Philippe Starck and Roderick Vos contrast beautifully with the original stained glass windows, walls and ceiling paintings.

note: each illustration contains ingredients from its corresponding recipe. pieces of Maastricht's aardewerk (ceramics) serve as the Southern Dutch heritage"ingredient". 


  1. What a wonderful idea! Great paintings and I just love the buildings featured as well. What amazing history - makes my renovation look like a super simple job! Enjoy the rest of your weekend Mariska!

  2. These images are gorgeous, they really suit their purposes don't they! :) Hazel

  3. Congratulations on meeting your deadline Mariska, and with such style! They look wonderful...and good enough to eat!

  4. How wonderful! What and exciting project...and how exciting to be done, right?!
    xo Elizabeth

  5. Gorgeous pictures as usual and congrats. on another big deadline and achievemt! What lovely notes these will make! KG

  6. Loving the boxed culinary note cards... congrats!!


  7. Congrats, M! I especially like the fish plate with the two bulbs of garlic - lovely!

  8. It's gorgeous! You're involved in such nice projects, congrats :)

  9. well done you darl - met the deadline and produced something so fabulous. love them, they look great! jxx

  10. I love these and I love how you incorporated the ingredients from the recipes! What a cool opportunity. I would just die to see any of these restaurants and hotels!!! All the history mixed with fine design...just heaven!!

  11. Well done Mariska!! They look great and I can't wait to hear more on the feedback from Camille!

    Will respond to your email asap.

    Hugs from Sydney
    xx C



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