Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Growing: New Store Locations!

Fabienne Jouvin (via The Zhush)
 Jonathan Adler (via The Zhush)
Two is a Company (via The Zhush)
Mariska Meijers (via The Zhush)

Yes we are progressing. Slowly but steadily. Thanks to my agents and distributors more store locations are carrying my products and more designers include my designs in their projects. What once started as a one woman band is becoming more and more of a team. A team of people who believe in my art and designs and in me! It also means a growing responsibility. A responsibility to continue to create, to maintain quality.

Today I would like to highlight two recent addtions to Store Locations in The Netherlands and The United States

The Zhush

This stylish US webstore has been founded by Sue De Chiara (a (former) lawyer, just like me shhhhhhh). Sue, smitten by good design and style started blogging. With an ever growing number of loyal followers and fans style creating her own store was the logical next step. Sue does not shy away from bold and colorful designs and that is exactly why my designs feel perfectly at home alongside designs by for example Jonathan Adler and Fabienne Jouvin.
If you love Sue's style I recommend to follow her blog: The Zhush!

Maan (Utrecht)

Maan (Utrecht)
Maan (Utrecht) featuring In Bloom Orange and Pink pillows
 alongside Designers Guild


Maan is a wonderful lifestyle store situated in the historic centre of Utrecht. Founded by energetic Liselot von Barnau Sythoff, Maan carries a beautiful range of products (e.g. Piet Hein Eek, Designers Guild). Liselot loves to mix different styles and treasures originality and sustainability when it comes to selecting products for her store.
Maan is a must visit when you are in Utrecht!

Thank you Maan and The Zush for adding me to your collections! For a current overview of retailers go to Store Locations. If you have any suggestions as to store locations we should be approaching do send me an e-mail at


  1. I love to hear the stories of your expansion Mariska (not personal expansion of course!) It is a testament to your hard work and all round talent. Global domination for sure is just around the corner xx

  2. Of course the names Mariska Meijers and Jonathon Adler should be in the same sentence AND in the same store - who doesn't know that!?!?

    Congratulations wonderful you!

    xx Felicity

  3. Congrats Mariska, that's great news! I love that first cushion of yours from The Zhush with the sort of diamond/ikat design, it's stunning!x

  4. How exciting! And I do have a suggestion: my store! Well - my parents...but I am running the online shop now. I'll e-mail you.


  5. Congratulations. Your work is so gorgeous! I love all the colors!

  6. Mariska this is wonderful news and yet another testament to your talent, entrepreneurship and focus. You are such an inspiration to me and I am beyond thrilled by all your success.

    Adore Sue and her wonderful shop. The other one is new to me but will check out for sure.

    Biggest hugs from a wet and windy Sydney.

    xx Charlotta



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