Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My goals in life according to my children

 On our way to my birthday dinner (Mauk&Annemarth in the middle)

Last week I spend a wonderful holiday with my children and friends in Turkey. Delicious food, sun, sports, boating. It was also my birthday :). My daughter, with the help of her younger brother made me a very special gift. A TO DO book which she customized.

On the first page there is a note which I will translate for you.

"Dear Mummy
Today is your birthday! That is why we are giving you this present.
It is a TO DO book that we have personalized. The reason for this TO DO book is that YOU HAVE ALWAYS GOT SOMETHING TO DO.
And to make sure you won't forget anything anymore, carry this book with you and keep it up to date.
Lots of fun and succes. We hope that you will get lots of inspiration and ideas.
Love & kisses
Mauk & Annemarth"

On one of the other pages they have written my goals in life (in English)....

How many (subtle) hints can your children give you :). Well I guess there is work to be done so I am off to the studio!


  1. So sweet!! you can be proud of them!!! and many happy returns even if with some delay!!!! Have a lovely Tuesday!!

  2. that's so brilliant mariska, love it! hope you had a sensational birthday AND mother's day xxx

  3. We spend so much time dreaming about what we would like our children to achieve... How funny to think of them doing that for us! I like the scarf line idea. They are darling. Happy birthday!



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