Monday, August 1, 2011

New press: Let's Rue!

 from Rue # 6 (photo by Henny van Belkom)
from Rue # 6 (photo by Henny van Belkom)

Came back this weekend from New York and am suffering from the worst jetlag in ages. I feel like I have been partying the whole weekend dancing on tables with a bottle in my hand...Despite this non alcoholic hangover I feel up beat and happy. The round trip Amsterdam-Los Angeles-San Francisco-New York-Amsterdam has been inspiring and successful. During my stay in New York the new Rue came out featuring a tour of my studio in Amsterdam. Thank you wonderful team of Rue, including Editor in Chief Crystal Gentillelo and Mackenzie Horan (who I both met in person at the blogger meet up in SF) and photographer Henny van Belkom for such a fabulous feature and exposure. The studio feature is spreading rapidly and has already been spotted amongst others on Casa Sugar and Simplified Bee.

One of my favourite features in issue 6 is "Singaporean Love Story" showcasing Agnes Verrier's stylish Singaporean appartment and the love story behind it (photographed by Scott Woodward and styled by Marie Maglaque).  Having lived and worked in Singapore for years I could more than relate to the feature and it made me a bit homesick as well :).


  1. Oh I love all those colors ♥

    So fun and lively.

    And that is one lovely dresser space.

  2. I am swooning over all those colors! Absolutely gorgeous work Mariska! I can't wait to look at the new Rue now ;)

  3. wat een super article ... als ik het zo lees zijn wij echt opposites haha... oh well verschil moet er wezen ;)

  4. ohh.... LOVE the pattern and colour in that painting in the second picture. I have just found your blog lucky me! Going to follow now :)



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