Friday, August 12, 2011

New York NYIGF diaries (part 2)

Yesterday we went to Pier 94 to register and check out our booth. Setting up for a fair is far from glamourous. The exhibition hall looked like it was hit by a small tornado. We had to plough our way to the booth :). Crates, carton boxes, wrapping material, ladders......With too many hurdles it meant that we could not bring our things in yet so we are a bit behind schedule. Arriving back at the appartment the street was blocked as Obama had just landed on the heliport in front of our building. Anyway today is a new day and I have made a fresh start with another fab morning run along the Manhattan waterfront and a Starbucks breakfast in the first rays of sun. Tomorrow I a will post pictures of our booth at Pier 94 #40049. Off to work! pictures both from my iPhone, Breakfast and Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise


  1. Mariska,
    It was so fun meeting you and chatting. I hope the show was great for you!



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