Thursday, August 11, 2011

New York NYIGF diaries

I arrived yesterday at JFK with just too much luggage. Why am I doing this to myself :)). Roll-up banners, tray tables, new sample collection.....part of our booth display is already in New York stored at my dear friend Bobby Berk's store in Soho. After a good night sleep I feel well rested and already did my morning run in Battery Park. I felt so happy that it made me cry a little. I am working from Bobby's appartment this morning waiting for Eva (of Interdecorations) to arrive from Miami. This afternoon we will start setting up our booth!

The picture above I took with my iPhone on my morning run. How fabulous is this girl's outdoor office! The picture below is my current view (also fab!).

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  1. Hello!
    I am back in blog land after more than a month off because of our move.
    Am not happily settled in Sweden and just shaking the final after math of the stress over the past weeks. School starts in just over a week and I think both the kids & I are looking forward to the pace and rhythm it provides. Structure and normality is something we all crave right now..!

    I am so loving that you are in NYC! What amazing pictures. A Twilight run by the river sounds fantastic, and Starbucks is never wrong..! :)
    Good luck with your show. I hope you receive a great response. Can't wait to hear.

    Lots of love and hugs from Sweden.

    xx Charlotta



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