Friday, November 4, 2011

Highpoint Market, Meeting Maxwell Gillingham and beyond

 With Maxwell Gillingham after his "Rocket Fuel" 
 breakfast talk

Our showroom at Suites at Market Square, Highpoint

I have really toured the world this year. Debuting my designs in Paris, New York and Highpoint, the last two with my wonderful US distributor Interdecorations.
I came back from Highpoint last Saturday, tired but thrilled with all the positive responses. I have been trying to take some time off this week, spending time with my kids, Halloween, taking siestas, had my hair coloured, browsed for vintage books and in between just a little bit of work.

During Highpoint we have been totally consumed, mainly spending time in our showroom, talking to designers, boutique and department stores. The best experience outside the showroom was a short escape to hear Maxwell Gillingham founder of Apartment Therapy speak. OK one can build a perfectly popular and engaging site/platform but that doesn't always mean the person behind it reflects this as well. But after hearing Gillingham speak there is only one conclusion: Gillingham = Apartment Therapy (with the support of his fantastic team of course).
Gillingham is a natural speaker, he is genuine, entertaining and really knows how to open people's eyes and mind. Every word he says has value I especially loved "Your home is a path, not a place".
Gillingham's road has not been an easy one and with his "twisty and turny" but extremely inspiring journey he infuses confidence in others to follow their passion (and it made me extra proud of my AT showcase nomination in which I landed 7th).
So thank you Maxwell for your "Rocket Fuel" talk but also sponsors Withit (Women's Leadership Development Network) and IHFC for organizing this fantastic #Hpmkt event.

And what is up next for me? Working on new designs to show in Paris and New York in January 2012. My collection is growing slowly but steadily and so is our client base. One can not conquer the world overnight although my impatient character wishes otherwise of course. Building a brand takes time, never losing confidence in yourself is vital, my road is "twisty and turny" and I hope that you are willing to bear with me during my bumpy despite my little disappearing acts. I am not making promises but I will do my best to suprise you with more frequent postings in the coming months!

Have an inspiring and passionate weekend! xox


  1. Mariska how wonderful to see you back! Congratulations on your brilliant success so far, and for the tales of your own inspiring journey. I admire your drive and tenacity so much. And don't you look beautiful as well!

  2. Fun to read this update on all things Mariska! How fun that you were able to meet Maxwell Gillingham! Can't wait to meet you in Dec! xx

  3. I did not go to High Point this year, but I wish I had -- it would have been so lovely to meet you in person! Next time ....

    p.s. Did you go to the B52 concert?



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