Thursday, May 27, 2010

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Nearing the deadline for my press presentation, hence my posting today! The image is from a postcard that I bought 10 years ago in New York at The Whitney which had a wonderful exhibition of Barbara Kruger. The work "Are we having fun yet?" was one of my favourites but there were many more that made me smile despite their "sharp" edges. Kruger really knows how to hit the nail on the head (this is a Dutch expression and but I am sure that when you see her work you understand what I mean). Still, I am having fun because the presentation is starting to look good and you will see some of it very soon.
Wishing you all the fun you deserve!


  1. all the very best for your presentation...i can't wait to get a glimpse of it on here!

    xo. Persis

  2. Can not wait...all sounds very exciting!

  3. Sounds cool, being busy on good stuff is

    look forward to seeing more soon, hope it goes great for you treasure! jxxx

  4. Yay! Can't wait! All the Best!


  5. Good luck on your presentation.



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