Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy Bee

Limited edition Blue bird pillows 

 Mr Smith's Blossom (Limited edition of 50 giclee)

Today I am trying to catch up with a couple of things as over the weekend I was working non stop. Yesterday I was in Leiden all day exhibiting at the Japan Market organized by Het Sieboldhuis museum and sponsored amongst others by the Japanese Embassy. Sieboldhuis is a small museum where traditional Japanese artefacts and object collections are shown as well as Japanese modern art. It was a beautiful sunny day and the stalls were perched along the historic canal "Het Rapenburg" (dating back to 1360!) where the Sieboldhuis is located.  I am sorry to say that I have no pictures of the event this time. I was simply too busy talking to the many visitors. I love the whole interaction and feedback on my work, staying close to my (potential) customers. What I can share with you is some of the top items of the day.
1. Blue Bird Pillows. Made in Holland, printed on 100% satin silk, backed by Irish Linen. Available in 3 sizes 35x50cm, 40x40cm and 50x50cm.
2. Mr Smith's Blossom. A colourful giclee, 45x45cm. Limited edition of 50, printed in The Netherlands by Waterland Art Press.
3. Okura Boxed Notecards. 10 double notecards, with envelopes, blank inside (2x5 designs). The Okura hotel commissioned me to create 5 designs for their Michelin star chef Akira Oshima. The designs on the front each correspond with a Japanese recipe on the back. Fun to give as a present when you are invited for dinner or just to write a thank you note!


And I would like to anounce the winner op the beautiful gem pin handmade by Anook Cleonne, a gifted Dutch artist who's work is in the collections of many established Musea in the Netherlands. It goes to blog follower Jacqueline in Italy who dedicated the pin to an old friend that recently helped here out when she could not fly to Italy because of the ashes of the Iceland Vulcano. In stead he drove her all the way!


  1. I so love your work...I smile every time I see it! Hope you get a bit of downtime soon x

  2. love your work, so bright and cheerful!!
    Congrats to the winner, how thoughtful! have a lovely week xoxo

  3. sounds busy! but man, so worth it - your work is genius!jx

  4. Wow! Your work is GORGEOUS and it motivates me to paint!! Keep chuggin along and sharing your work, it is so amazing!! Great story behind Anook's giveaway too :)

  5. Beautiful items! And congratulations to the winner! Her friend was so incredibly kind to her!

  6. Love the notecards! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Mariska! I'm now following yours.

  7. Wow you did have quite a busy weekend, huh? Glad that you got the chance to work outside though :)

  8. congrats to the winner... that one is a beautiful piece!!!

  9. Such a lovely piece...congrats to the winner! The pillows are so cheerful and lovely as well!

  10. I've just discovered your blog via Little Blue Deer... and I'm soo happy!! Your blog is great and soo colourful! :) :) :)

    Thank you for brightening my day!!

    :) Hazel

  11. Hi Mariska, I just discovered your blog through Shari at Little Blue Deer. Your designs are stunning and you have a lovely blog. I am pleased to say that I am your newest follower. xx

  12. Wow I feel so honoured that you chose my suggestion as the best to win the give-away pin, my friend really deserves it, and will be very pleased! A good friend can never be thanked enough... I have actually just received the Pin, and it is very subtle and beautiful!I look forward to seeing your new, original initiatives, good luck and compliments! Jacqueline

  13. love your gorgeous work!!!




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