Sunday, May 9, 2010

To my Mum with Love


My Fabulous Mum

I love my mother to bits but when I was younger we had our differences at times. Especially in puberty I could be a daugther from hell. Walking away when I felt she wasn't right about things. I would smash the front door screaming "I hate you and I will not come back".. Oh boy.... Once you have children of your own you start to realize and consequently appreciate more and more how valuable your mother (and father of course) are. A mother will alsways be a mother and you will remain a child to her. Age is insignificant. She will continue to be the protective lioness. My last few years have been turbulent. Divorce, giving up my corporate carreer to pursue my artistic dreams. Diving into deep water leaving my comfortable life behind.  My mum (and dad) lovingly support me in all my drastic, at times scary decisions. I love you mum, happy Mothers Day xoxox 

...and don't forget to submit for the give away "You're a Gem" from Dutch artist Anook Cleonne. A beautiful gem pin!


  1. Wow, thats a great picture!!
    And what great words to your mother:)

  2. really great post Mariska! What a tribute to your mom.
    Happy Mother's day xxx

  3. lovely tribute to your mum mariska! hope she had a great mother's day. jxx

  4. You're so right about the protective lioness mother's 81 and she still worries about me (sometimes with good reason!!) I really admire the leaps you have taken and the support your mum has given xx

  5. Dont worry, I remember yelling at mum, running away and telling her I hated her too. But I think mums know that we never erally meant it for real. Hope you had a great Mothers Day.xx

  6. You, a daughter from hell? No way! ;) LOL, it's so true, they put up with so much from us! XO!

  7. That was a really nice post!! I think we can all identify with what you said!! xoxo

  8. What a lovely post. I welled up reading it.. :)

    How brave and amazing that you have followed your dream to pursue your artistic surge.
    I too jumped a hectic but rewarding career to develop my art. There are times I miss my old life but I love what I do and also have a lot more time for my family now.

    I have just entered Shari's give-away. I loved your website and in particular the bird design greeting cards. I am a 'bird' bird..

    Ok, really just stopped to say 'hi'.. I can see I will be stuck here for a while.

    xx Charlotta

    P.S. LOVE the purple wall in your new studio. Bold and beautiful!



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