Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Highs & Lows

Everybody is familiar with days that are filled with highs and lows (and if you are not you must be from another planet).  To mention a few from my side:

* Featured by wonderful Louise on Table Tonic blog
* Featured with give away by beautiful Shari on Little Blue Deer
* Fabulous Dawn of The Alternative Wife blog as follower number 100
* Moving into my new inspiring studio
* Painting for 4 hours non stop in my new studio

* Hardly time for blogging, let alone responding..
* Hardly time for following my blogger sisters (and brothers), let alone commenting..
* MAJOR car trouble (bless my apple green bike as back-up)..
* A house that feels "amputated" as I moved 4 car loads into my new studio (probably my car feels it too)
* ONLY 4 hours of painting since a week

BUT I am still happy to live the highs and the lows, there is nothing more human!

NOTE: If you wish to add a bit of high to your day enter the give away on Shari's Little Blue Deer blog, a set of 10 boxed notecards that I designed for the Royal Delft museum.


  1. I love your pillows next to the Eiffel Tower! I'm definitely a high-low gal, myself. Don't let blogging (and lack of time) get you down too much. Apparently most bloggers feel that way, and it's kind of a head game to learn to not let it bother you.

  2. I just saw the giveaway on little blue deer and decided to come over and see your blog. I really like the Okura box set that you have!

    I agree - there are highs and lows but that's what makes life interesting right?

  3. We all have highs and lows, no way around the lows, We hate them, but we need them to appreciate the highs.

  4. Oh, I know exactly what you mean Mariska! There are never enough hours in the day at the moment. My painting is suffering too, so we all have these times I guess. Once you get settled into your new studio I'm sure you'll be making more gorgeous art in no time! K xx

  5. too true! i hope things even out a little for while and you can catch your breath : )


  6. Your highs definitely knock out the lows!! :)

    and your Scadinavian is awesome!!


  7. I know how you feel! It's hard to see it but, everything will start to come together and I know your place will be as gorgeous as your work!



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