Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yesterday after signing the contract and receiving my keys first thing that had to be tackled was cleaning the space. My parents have always said that I must have fallen into the wrong nest because I am just not born for cleaning. Thank god I took the fabulous Patricia with me who made it all more bearable.
My new space is in an office building from the 70s that has been renovated to accomodate the growing population of Urban Creatives here in Amsterdam. Working from home is great but here I am surrounded by the creative vibes of others. Today we are going to paint and start moving stuff. Tomorrow I will post pictures of the progress. The feature wall is going to be purple, but it took me a a while to decide on the shade after Will's (Bright Bazaar) inspiring purple posting !


  1. Oh look at all that beautiful light! I was just telling the fella about your new space and he was green with envy at the here it is in reality. Woo hoo you!!

  2. How exciting to be around other creative people - i sense good things here! I'm not built for cleaning either, totally missed that gene, you must be exhausted!

    hope you have a great time with the fun part now, and the purple paint! jxxx

  3. oooh what a great space! it will be amazing!

  4. Gefeliciteerd Mariska!

    Spannend zo'n nieuwe ruimte. Wens je veel plezier met het inrichten na het 'eigenmakende' schoonmaken en succes met het uitzoeken van de juiste kleur paars.

    Zal vast weer een adembenemend inspirerende ruimte worden.

    Liefs, Malva.

  5. That is so great, congratulations on taking this step ^_^

  6. i love love love it. gotta love that will!



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