Friday, May 7, 2010

Painting The Town Orange - Queensday revisited

Yesterday it was Liberation Day so I better do my post on Queensday (April 30) now before it is long overdue. On Queensday Amsterdam turns into a crazy town. People start claiming a spot on the sidewalk already days before the actual day by using tape, flags, ribbons etc. The freemarket starts at 6 a.m. in the morning and people often sleep outside overnight. It looks like one big homeless people town but eveyone has fun and it is difficult to explain if you have never seen and experienced it. All pictures are actually taken in one of Amsterdam's most expensive neigboorhoods (Amsterdam Zuid). On the day most people wear something orange and everyone is allowed to sell almost anything without having to have a permit. I took many photographs but here are just a few to give you a taste!


  1. I'm loving the 20 cents for a compliment (I'm presuming that's what the sign says!). What an enterprising young man. Looks like such a fun day. thank you for showing us some of your 'town'..must, must visit!

  2. Looks like a great day for shopping Mariska, and there's nothing like a nice burst of colour to brighten your day! K xx

  3. Looks so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

  4. you can spot a dutch form miles :) Such a cool celebration, I love it when countries celebrate their national days!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  5. Looks like fun! And I can't belive I'm saying this, but I'm loving the orange!
    The picture (second to last) would look perfect in my laundry room (yes itæs glamorous ;)

    have a great weekend!!


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  6. I traveled to Amsterdam several did I miss all this fun? Love this idea/Holiday!

  7. Oh, that looks like so much fun! So, if we ever come to Amsterdam, we should schedule our trip during Queensday, right? And it will give me an excuse to buy something orange from Hermes! Thanks for sharing with us, Mariska, it is so cool to learn about other cultures!

  8. That looks like a blast! Everyone looks so happy and relaxed, must be some kind of colour therapy - orange works wonders! :)




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